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  1. Script Request: True "Random Targeting"

    No it doesn't. That only happens if you set the Scope to "1 Random Enemy" and try to make the Repeats count more than 1. On the hand, setting the Scope to "2 Random Enemies" or "3 Random Enemies" or "4 Random Enemies" makes it target a random enemy for the 2nd and 3rd and 4th hits. You're not...
  2. RMMV Finding Input Settings in Plugins

    Wow, I wonder why I don't use Yanfly plugins. I don't think his problem is with restricting targets to enemies/allies. If I understand right, his problem is that when the player is selecting allies to target, the Yanfly plugins make it so that you have to use the left/right input buttons to...
  3. RMMV HELP!! How can I draw Icons on my custom command list?

    Window_Selectable and all of its variants including Window_Command and Window_HorzCommand which you appear to be building your custom window off, have a property called "maxCols" (maximum number of columns per row of commands). Window_Selectable.prototype.maxCols = function() { return 1; }...
  4. RMMV HELP!! How can I draw Icons on my custom command list?

    Like most things with scripting/plugins, the answer in this case is "yes", but you will have to put in a bit of effort. More than normal. Let me explain: In RMMV (and VX/Ace and probably MZ), the "quick" and "simple" way to draw icons in a Window is to use the "drawTextEx()" function. This...
  5. RMMZ Which js file and which bit of code to edit to change the minimum damage?

    That modification definitely works the way it should in MV. So unless MZ drastically changed something in the damage calculation process from MV, I would guess that you have a plugin somewhere that is either overwriting or bypassing the default logic for damage calculation. In which case, that...
  6. RMMZ Script call to open skill window

    No. Like I said, it's completely useless. The code/logic for handling when happens when the player presses the OK button to select an option from the window is all handled separately from the window. In the battle scene, it's handled by Scene_Battle. In the skill menu it's handled by...
  7. RMMZ Script call to open skill window

    SceneManager._scene.addChild(new Window_BattleSkill(0,0,Graphics.boxWidth,196)) SceneManager._scene.children[SceneManager._scene.children.length-1].setActor($ SceneManager._scene.children[SceneManager._scene.children.length-1].setStypeId(1)...
  8. Windowskin Manager

    Not sure how much use this will be to anyone by now, since VXAce is two generations of RM old and there are other windowskin-changing scripts available. But I also don't know whether any of them allow you to globally set a windowskin for specific Scenes in the game. So this one allows you to do...
  9. Use a different text window for battles

    Just going to note, that Crimson Rose script will not completely do the job, if you want only to change the windowskin for the windows in Scene_Battle but NOT elsewhere. Because off the top of head, I can tell you that the battle scene also reuses windows like Window_Message and Window_Help...
  10. Use a different text window for battles

    Yes. And no. Yes, but you will need a script. No, if you just meant to ask whether it was possible with default/base engine functionality. As you can probably tell by now, unlike XP and earlier versions of RPGMaker, VX/Ace and onwards do not have any inbuilt ways for you to select any...
  11. RMMZ Scrolling descriptions?

    Oh, so it works that way in MZ too? In MV all the windows are drawn on the same layer ("windowLayer") making them overwrite one another when they are created using the "addWindow()" function. You can get around it by using addChild() instead of addWindow(), so they don't get placed on the same...
  12. MP and PT no showing up in menu. Why?

    No. The screenshot on the bottom says you are using third-party scripts (looks like Yanfly's Battle Engine) and who knows how many of them you installed. So it is very likely one of your scripts or a bug/clash between your scripts that is making it happen. But since only you know what scripts...
  13. RMMZ Scrolling descriptions?

    It won't, at least in MV, Scene_Battle also create its own instance of the help window - and it doesn't inherit from Scene_MenuBase (because it isn't a menu scene). In MZ, I doubt its version of Scene_Battle would inherit from Scene_MenuBase either. Scene_File (parent of Scene_Save and...
  14. RMMZ Scrolling descriptions?

    I'll preface this with the caveat that I don't use MZ, only MV. However, I do believe Window_ScrollText works the same way in both, in that its update() function runs constantly in the background checking $gameMessage every single frame for whether its "scrollMode" property was set to true, at...
  15. RMMV List Y Alignment

    Correct, the ColorManager doesn't exist in MV. Text colors are stored in Window_Base itself there. MV's version of "drawSkillCost()" looks like this: Window_SkillList.prototype.drawSkillCost = function(skill, x, y, width) { if (this._actor.skillTpCost(skill) > 0) {...

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