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  • The legendary Moghunter has apparently deleted his site and YouTube account. The RPGMaker community suffers a heavy loss today, and I'll miss him terribly. He's my favourite plugin developer since MZ.
    Dang. I never used any of their stuff, but I've heard a ton about them and how great their plugins were. Don't know what happened but hope they're doing alright. :(
    Rogue Milk
    Rogue Milk
    What scares me a little is that he's Brazilian, although he lives in Japan (I think), and covid is hitting hard in Brazil right now. It could have affected friends or family. Sorry, my mind goes to dark places sometimes.
    What a sad day. I guess we get what we pay for, though.

    I do hope Mog is doing well.
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I really, really want the Magic story to be good, but instead we got today's chapter of the most predictable mish-mash of tropes with almost no personality. I let go of the physical game years ago, but I can't seem to let go of the story.
Just finished watching the last of the Final Destination movies. I'm digging every last water bottle out of that old van :p
Put off learning to drive for so long, I hope I don't run into any of-fences ..... (quietly leaves)
I introduced a new character to Mintabelle's Wonderland. Fufu the Raccoon! She's supposed to be a motherly daycare attendant, but when the power goes out, she becomes a monster. Rumor among kids says she causes these outages herself...
After an entire year, finally made new story cutscenes. Ones that take place after the current last boss. Praise be.

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