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    A Fond Farewell

    After over 1000 hours in RMMV, I've decided to move my entire game to GMS2 before it's too late in development. I was interested in creating something new and interesting, but I instead found most of my time spent looking for patch jobs to make RMMV do something it isn't 'supposed to do'. Thus...
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    RMMV 10 Days to Jupiter - A Sci-Fi Comedy Adventure [MOVING TO GMS2]

    I post updates nearly daily on Twitter, but I am neglecting my poor thread... Here's some love: THIS IS A THUMBAIL, SO CLICK IT TO SEE STUFF HAPPEN (It's a gif) Still working on the AI Core room, but progress is coming along. Lots of interesting things coming down the line for 10 Days to...
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    RMMV 10 Days to Jupiter - A Sci-Fi Comedy Adventure [MOVING TO GMS2]

    Main menu UI/UX complete! I've done a few minor graphical additions since making this menu but it's going to look like this overall.
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    Luna Engine MV - Window X, Y

    I'm not entirely sure if this is the right board to post on because the question I have is regarding the editing of the .yaml files. I'm now finally getting the hang of Luna Engine, but I've reached the limits of what video tutorials and documentation can teach me (unless there's a great...
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    Name Input Plugin

    Thanks, I appreciate it. I downloaded the plugin. I tried to get it to work but it was a total flop. The documentation is very unclear. I think it was run through a translator and pasted on. I couldn't get it working at all. However! I kept searching and found YEP.185 Key Name Entry which does...
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    Name Input Plugin

    My goal is to create an in-game computer that will allow players to search up terminology they want to know more about. I've done it via using two arrays which get called upon via the Name Input scene which I've jury rigged to look like a search engine. The reason I use name input is because...
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    Name Input Plugin

    So I've successfully created an ingame search engine (with help from this forum) where the player can use the Name Input scene to type in a query and get a response. However this brings up one problem: tedium. Part of the puzzle element of my game will be looking things up. Think Wizardry 8. If...
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    Default Message Window Position (Bottom-Middle-Top)

    Sounds like this would create more problems than it solves. Alright, fair enough. I guess there's no easy way to do it. Thanks.
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    Filling in a plothole...siege defense vs. talking to people

    Well, in a time of war I'd rather stay in a castle than a village so that could fill a plot hole. I'm not sure how character rich your story is, but the reason she doesn't stay in the town could be personality related. Perhaps she's a warrior and looks down on the villagers for their cowardice...
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    Default Message Window Position (Bottom-Middle-Top)

    Currently, when you open up the 'show text' command the default window position will be 'Bottom'. Is there any way to change it (in engine) so that the default is Middle or Top?
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    "Battle" system ideas.

    I have a variable for handling this at the moment, so I'm very happy to see you suggest this. I've always enjoyed this kind of emphasis in games, but I wasn't sure how other players felt. I think this idea is fantastic and I'm absolutely adding it. It adds depth to the game without increasing...
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    "Battle" system ideas.

    That's not a bad idea actually. The only downside is that it would take far more JS skills than I have to make those kinds of mini-games. Though, I could always commission them. Cheers, pengyou.
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    House Customization in RM

    I love things like this. I have a few requirements in order to truly enjoy it. 1. Graphics. I like differentiation. I don't want to buy a different bed only for it to just be a different shade of brown. 2. Functionality. I get that some things are decorative, but non-decorative items like...
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    "Battle" system ideas.

    Long story short, I honestly hate the typical RPG battle system. Most attempts at innovating it usually involve making it mildly different. As such, I have completely removed combat from my game. However, I would like to add some kind of conflict resolution system that doesn't involve physical...

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