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  1. Loot Wndow

    I'm aware nobody ever actually creates these plugins; because I've requested a ton in the past that never got an eye batted, but I might as well try. Basically; I'm trying to advance the item system in a game I'm creating. What I'm looking for specifically in a plugin is a plugin that; upon...
  2. Skill/Talent Tree

    Guess nobody can make one. Shame.
  3. Skill/Talent Tree

    What I'm looking for is a scene that is accessible from the menu or skill menu for a particular actor; giving a UI similar to the one in the spoiler below. - Where the actor starts in the middle and gains a point through plugin commands. They can then branch out in different ways and "progress"...
  4. Perks

    How do I put this in Yanfly Menu Manager? Name: "Perks" Symbol: perks Show: true Enabled: $gameSwitches.value(200) Main Bind: this.commandPersonal.bind(this) Actor Bind: SceneManager.push(Scene_Perks)
  5. Item Detailing Script [[REQ]]

    Effectively; What I want is a script that can change the size and formatting of the descriptions of Items, Weapons and Equipment. If you've played MMO games with "On Equip" effects such as World of Warcraft; you'll know what I mean in that when you look over an item, it'll tell you what the...
  6. NeMV - State Resources

    To make sure it wasn't my file. I created an entirely new project and only put 5 Plugins in it, all of which are fully updated; In this order YEP_CoreEngine YEP_BattleEngineCore YEP_SkillCore YEP_BuffsStatesCore YEP_AutoPassiveStates NeMV_StateResources I followed your...
  7. NeMV - State Resources

    Ah that's all-right mate, I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. :)  
  8. NeMV - State Resources

    Could somebody post a Demo or a video tutorial just showing some of this stuff? I understand the general gist but I honestly don't understand how it's worded and I've ended up with multitudes of errors. At this point I'm close to scrapping an idea that is otherwise completely awesome. 
  9. RPG Maker MV Custom 'Resources' such as MP/TP

    What I'm looking for is something similar, if not a double of the plugin that was made for RPG maker VX-Ace "Alternate MP" by Zetu, but a plugin that works in MV. Effectively, I've got a multitude of different classes in the game I'm developing. And I'd like a lot of different gauges to go...
  10. PH - Quest Book

    I'm doing EVERYTHING on the readme, and I'm using things word for word. The Quest Log is there, theres' nothing in the quest log. Could you please make a demo or something? I'm having a hard time here and I'm getting a little annoyed. :/

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