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  • Come join me for another exciting episode of Shadow Fate! I promise no fewer than 37 shenanigans. Twitch
    Come join me for the next exciting Shadow Fate stream! I promise silly voices and witty banter, not necessarily in that order. Twitch
    Join Kytt and I for The Wifestream at 7pm (10 minutes from now) where Kytt will be trying out The Secret of Monkey Island for the first time! We'd love to have you with us for banter and shenanigans! Twitch
    Come join me on Twitch in 20 minutes as I continue playing the wonderful Shadow Fate by HuntingSwan! Often joined by the developer himself, so I have the perfect target for all my burning questions. Twitch
    Come join me in 5 as I embark upon a Monkey Island marathon ahead of Return to Monkey Island's release on Monday! Can I finish MI 1 and 2 on stream before then? Tune in to find out! Twitch
    Come join me in 5 as I continue playing Shadow Fate by HuntingSwan! Twitch
    Hope you've been enjoying it! Sadly I got class now at that time.
    Tonight on The Wifestream, Kytt plays Cult of the Lamb for the first time! Come and join the adorable sacrificial fun! Twitch
    Going live for tonight's stream! Please come join me and watch me play games if you have nothing better to do tonight. Twitch
    Come join me now for the second stream of my blind playthrough of Shadow Fate by HuntingSwan! Tonight, I should hopefully get to grips with the game's first boss and hopefully find out a bit more about what the heck's going on, and it would be lovely to have you there too! Twitch
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    I missed the first stream and coming in on the second I had no idea what the heck's going on either.
    I would have put the first one on my YT channel but I've been too busy.
    Going live for tonight's Rise of the Third Power! Nearly done with the game now! Twitch
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    Very enjoyable game. Nice particles in... Particular. But didn't engross me like Ara Fell.
    Going live in 10 for Rise of the Third Power! Come and join me for ridiculous and inconsistent character voices, banter, the drinking of Irn Bru, the eating of cookies and wine gums, and possibly a dog! Twitch
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Gnyaaaa! Invisible comments on YouTube!!!
When I learned about multithreading in C++, one of the first things was that while heap is shared, each thread has its own stack and it's impossible to access another thread's stack.
So I wrapped the variables into a static class and passed its address to another thread. And it worked.
More characters from my game )
bandicam 2023-03-31 07-42-50-549.png
ScreenShot_3_30_2023_10_5_45.pngstarted working on a new area today. It's a warped version of being inside someone's home. Also moved the face and Panic gauges to be out of the way of the map names. switching moods actively changes what you encounter. Calm is normal while anxious is all the way up to Manic.
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And yes kiddos smoking, alcohol and too much coffee or tea are bad for you - but in the 20's we didnt know that yet xD

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