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  1. How to make a Spellbook?

    Ok. Thanks
  2. How to make a Spellbook?

    I think it would do too.
  3. How to make a Spellbook?

    Hi. I am trying to make a game in which two alchemist like characters try to solve chemical problems on the journey. I want to make a book where I put a list of substances that are sintetizable on the game, showing the chemical reaction that leads to the desired product when the item on the list...

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Remember when people had the ability to have meaningful conversations on platforms like twitter or facebook? Good times... Nowadays is absolute crap.
All aboard the Advent calendar train, riding Avery's coattails as an excuse to make more sprites. ;)

Get 'em in my thread in General Resources.
I had a dream where it was Friday, and what happened in the dream was irrelevant, because I woke up and it's not Friday, so I'm sad.
edit: third time's the charm? some graphic text I whipped up that I like for the mid-game intertitle, now with all of the actual letters in the stupid damn words I was trying to spell :uswt2:

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