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    Consumable items to alter character traits?

    No contradiction, because all you can do is modify absolute values of either the entire party, or a specific party member that you pre-define. There is no way to add SP and EX paremeters and apply them to the traits list of whatever actor used the item only, and the only way you could tell a...
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    Consumable items to alter character traits?

    There is no way for events to alter traits, and even if there were, using a common event would not tell the common event who to apply the trait to. I'm pretty sure this could only be done through direct scripting or a plugin.
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    Consumable items to alter character traits?

    Oops sorry! I meant character traits... I will fix the original post..  Using items can add things like stats, states, and some other dingies, but they cannot add a permament addition to the actor traits, like these: This is what i'm looking for. A consumable item to add something like...
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    Consumable items to alter character traits?

    I had this trouble with vxace long ago (now i'm asking about it for mv) and I think it required scripting back then.. I can't find anything that allows consumable items to alter a specific characters actor traits. For example, I would like a crystal dropped from an enemy that when used, will...
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    Having issues with Yanfly's action sequence plugin

    You need to post this question in his thread Here.
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Thanks! i knew it had to be something simple i was doing wrong.
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    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Having a problem with the Yep.58 Item Synthesis.... Nothing appears in the synthesis window except "Finish" I have the recipe set up with what i thought was correct: The slot 1 weapon is a wood sword. item 2 is a wood log.  I've activated the synthesis window via an event...
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    Random thing

    Plugins should not be treated like Skyrim mods. I don't mean for that to be mean, but you really should not only know all the functionality of the plugins you're installing, but should only install those that you know you are going to be using for specific purposes. That will save both you...
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    Game crash (NPCs)

    Does it crash, or does it just gets caught up on trying to perform the movements? If it's on "wait", it'll just hold up on that process until it completes the process that it cannot complete, all the while "freezing" everything else, including player movement.
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    NPC Dialogue Pathing failing

    You've got everything under that "If gold 50" check, even the "Sorry I don't have enough money".  That being said, if nothing is happening.. Do you have 50 gold? Because it looks like it would go through all of that if you did have 50 gold, but if you didn't have 50 gold, it wouldn't do...
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    Tile event we can walk from specific direction

    This can be done by makeing a cordinates reader using a parrellel common event process that records player x and y coords to variables, and blank events set up in the spots you don't want players to be able to walk on when they are standing on certain map coords. If you don't want this common...
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    Game with no character levels

    That .js is your answer! Drop that file into your (projectname)/js/plugins Then go to tools -> Plugin manager. Double click on an empty line, and activate that plugin. That will remove levels and exp. It won't display in the character sheet.
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    Game with no character levels

    Experience gain is not shown if no experience is gained. The only messege you will see at the end of battle is the "(Player) is victorious!" (which you can change how you like) For the level, you can remove the word and abbreviation for it to prevent it from showing up anywhere, but you'll...
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    Game with no character levels

    Two easy ways you can do this, are either start your characters at maximum level in the database, so they can't level any further, or just modify the enemy data sheets to grant 0 exp when defeated.
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    MP -% regeneration not working?

    Amazing! Thankyou!  I do have their variables as 100 + (actor number) already, so that makes this really easy! Thankyou so much for all of this :)

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