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    late AGAIN

    Thank you ^.^ It's good to see both old and new faces!
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    late AGAIN

    Thanks breh :)
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    I wish I could draw like this

    It's wanglong/wlop's art!! :kaojoy:I'm a big fan of his work. He has a webcomic too c: I've been drawing arbitrarily all my life and I hope that I can paint like that too, some day. :kaocry:
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    late AGAIN

    MARSIGNE! It is good to see you, man! :kaojoy:
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    RMMV Endless Melodies (discontinued)

    I just got here and I guess I'm a little late D: I'm sad to hear that you'll be putting this project indefinitely on hiatus too. It's okay though--I totally understand where you're coming from. I think a lot of people end up scrapping their pet projects, since it's easy to become overambitious...
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    RMMV Nevaryth(on hold)

    The artwork is wonderful! o_O and the different "classes" and specialisation for each is super neat. Looks like you're going for a more open world kind of deal? It looks fun and very explorative. Hopefully I'll try this sometime too c: Your mapping style is also really cute. (I'm a sucker for...
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    Mercenary Maiden

    Both artstyles are really adorbs >w< I like the pencilly art style best! (But the time fantasy one is very fitting imo.) I'd love to know a little bit more about the lore and such too, since it was only briefly mentioned in your story synopsis. It looks like there's a lot to work on but you're...
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    RMMV Journal1st (HTML game)(Abandoned)

    Whoa, episodic/frequently updated game seems really cool. :kaojoy: It would be cool to be able to use as an app! You're using MV, right? Have you considered that, or am I being ignorant about how this programming works? D: I don't play a lot of VNs, and I'm terrified of horror stories, but I...
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    late AGAIN

    Hi all~ :kaohi: It's me, Tsarie :) Idk if any of guys know me from over at rpgmakercentral, since that's where I frequent most of the time, and usually only come on here occasionally. But I thought I might as well try and become more active on here too, except I dunno how well that'll work out...
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    Random Art Thread

    @Mirpono I like the two drawings you just posted owo the second one especially has so much motion and texture. :kaojoy: here's a pretty picture and a wip to go along with it :<
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    Random Art Thread

    @chungsie Ooh that is a nice image (the food bank), I like the depth employed in it ^^ too long since I last did a full colour :c
  12. Tsarmina Streaming artsies! Sketch requests too. :) Streaming artsies! Sketch requests too. :)
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    As the Seasons Change

    This is a cute concept :)  And I love the way you introduced Aya's character as if she's talking to us. The powers she has is really neat as well! But does this also mean that she can't use other seasonal powers if she's in another region/season? :x
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    RMMV Aeternial - Cancelled

    This is such an extensive idea and the screenshots of the fields and such are so cuuuute! *^* It seems like you're already working hard on this. Keep it up :)
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    I might play the demo later but I'm very fickle so don't be offended please >w<  I like how this looks so far but I would love to know more about the actual plot of the game D: seeing that the "story" spoiler is mostly about the background. I looked at your screenshots too and I already love...

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