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    [MZ] JABS - J's Action Battle System

    Awesome. I am glad I was about to help out in some minor way. I'll reach out to you in DMs in case we need to chit-chat about any of it directly. Cheers~
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    [MZ] JABS - J's Action Battle System

    Awesome! I can say for sure you are doing a great job of giving back to the community. Especially considering you are referencing as far back as Blizzard XP-era battle systems. So you truly understand the value of those systems for the RM community. As for the pixel movement, the best one I...
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    RMMV [Horror RPG] The Rebirth of Franklin Albrecht [Currently in re-styling]

    The community can always use more horror content and the art style looks very aesthetic and unique. Look forward to seeing how this one turns out!
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    RMVXA Tales of Phantasy ( a Sonic and Klonoa Crossover RPG )(W.I.P.)(new screenshots added)

    Seems like a very interesting concept. So far the only Klonoa RPG content we ever received was Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal and while it was very fun for the time, it was more of an RPG lite than anything and was Japan only. This seems promising though!
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    [MZ] JABS - J's Action Battle System

    Loving the system/plugins so far. This is by far the most fluid and comprehensive system I have seen to date across any of the RM platforms I've worked in (since RM2K). One request I have and it may be a bigger project than I am thinking, but the only thing missing from this it seems is pixel...

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