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  1. Indie Game Maker 2014 - Memories of Andrea

    I just got done submitting my game. You all can check it out here.
  2. Character Won't Stop Showing MP

    I don't think you can remove it.  It's apart of the Parameter Curve.  I guess you could find a script that allows the option to display MP or not. If it truly bothers you, you can always change MP into something else.
  3. Question about Game Violence

    Thank you all for your input on this!  It's appreciated.  I really want to make sure I don't get disqualified. Sorry I don't want to put up any screenshots.  The monster's head is just a key item with a skull icon which you get after defeating the monster.
  4. Question about Game Violence

    Hello everyone, I'm making a game for the Indie Game Maker competition and there are key items like collecting heads of slayed monsters. Would that make my game rated M? Would that make my game too much for teenagers? There's no brutal graphics to display it but there are key items to define...
  5. Party limit and characters not following the MC

    If you press F9 (Database) and go to System. You can select if you want to see your followers or not and it's called Show Player Followers. To add new members or remove them, you must do an event. Event is F6.  After you have select the Event option, double click on a tile on the map you want...
  6. Script for moving background?

    1. Select the map you want to have the moving background. 2. Right-click and go to Map Properties. 3. Go to Parallax Background. 4. Go to Graphics. 5. Choose a background (This will be the moving background). 6. Select Loop Horizontal or Vertical. 7. Auto scroll up to 1 to try or other...
  7. Trouble with script after gettting the Mythos dlc. Please Help.

    In the RPG Maker VX ACE software, tool bar section, next to the Music icon, there's a notepad icon, this is for scripts. Click on the scripts icon (F11). Scroll down until you see Materials with (Insert Here) below it. If you press the Insert key on your keyboard it will open a new section in...
  8. Is there a difference between the DS and DS+ Pack?

    Thanks for the responses! =D
  9. Is there a difference between the DS and DS+ Pack?

    I'm curious because I want to buy it but I'm not sure if it's like an add-on for DS or DS with extras.
  10. If you can add anything to RPG Maker what would it be?

    I would add: 1. More graphics in the tileset options.  With resource packs as big as the High Fantasy bundles, the A-E graphic slots don't feel enough because the HF resources are taller than the original RPG Maker design but that's my opinion. 2. A tileset hue and saturation option, where you...
  11. Monsters Legacy 1

    Is the code working for anyone on the main site?
  12. High Fantasy style icon sets

    It has to have the same name as the original iconset, "IconSet".
  13. High Fantasy style icon sets

    Did you buy the Main Party packs? Because you'll need other scripts to use them like Yami - Holder Battlers.
  14. High Fantasy style icon sets

    Yeah. Check out the free resources.
  15. Event Happen Once Help!

    I got it to work.  My problem was the Control Switch needed to be under the Win section and for the section page only Self Switch in Conditions was suppose to be on.

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