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    Scripting Help?

    Yeah the worst part is after you said scripting was unnecessary, I immediately thought of an easier way to fix my issue than any of this that didn't include scripting lol
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    Scripting Help?

    That's the problem, I don't know lol but I haven't tried it yet, but I'm assuming Wavelength's solution will probably fix my problem, I'm gonna see when I get home later today
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    Scripting Help?

    Yeah Shaz, and as much as I hate to sound cocky, but I've been doing this since... I wanna say 2012 if not earlier, whenever it was that VX Ace came out, and so I've figured out eventing immensely well, so there are very few times that I can't solve a problem while eventing, but this one truly...
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    Scripting Help?

    bgillisp: Thanks, the moment you said that I was multiplying 17 by 16 by 10, I looked at the variable and realized I accidentally had multiply clicked instead of set, and immediately knew my mistake, thank you for explaining my issue in such an easy to understand way, even if it was an obvious...
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    Scripting Help?

    Okay, so I'm attempting to allow the player to choose an amount of items they wish to buy, with the amount stored into variable 16, and so this variable is supposed to set the price, multiplying the amount by the price, in this case, 10. Everything but this works, setting the price to the amount...

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