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    Terrax Lighting system

    @Terrax Hey, awesome plugin. Is it possible to make the torches fade away with time? I know there is radiusgrow and such but is it possible to set the 'torch lifetime' to, say, 5 minutes? If anyone has the answer to this please tag me. Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work! EDIT: I tried...
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    Modifying core values, such as HP

    Yes please do. It works perfectly now. Thanks again everyone.
  3. Tycho X

    Modifying core values, such as HP

    Thank you very much for the fast replies. I'm sorry about the forum... 'game mechanics' just seemed fitting?
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    Modifying core values, such as HP

    RPG Maker MV.
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    Modifying core values, such as HP

    I'm not quite sure where to start. I'm designing an 'office simulator' of sorts. As such I have no need for the classic RPG Combat system which MakerMV comes with. Rather, I'm looking to modify certain values and ... simplify them. For example. My 'hero' (protagonist) starts off with 450HP...
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    Hi there.

    Welcome!  Your main two skills are all you need; there are plenty of fine mappers out there that can do it for you : ) You'd just need to find the right person and you're set to creating a wondrous adventure!
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    Need help ironing out ideas for my game

    I'd like helping you but I'm afraid I'd need at least some context/story before being able to do so... you're not 'feeding us' enough information- we can't help. Feel free to write me a PM and I'll respond within an hour or two.
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    Tile Animation

    I think he/she finds them ugly is all. You can add some water splashes via the event-grid/mode by the way.
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    Open World + Story

    I'll admit it's my first game in RPG Maker, but I've worked on similar projects before, wether it be solo or in a team. Worst case scenario I trim it down on size, which is also quite do-able.
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    Open World + Story

    Yes, of course. It's all tied together via lore, items and with local habitants which you can converse with. And you're right it's going to be a ton of work. But that's how I see this project in the future so I'll aim sky-high if I must. 
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    Beginner damage formula question

    No problem! If you want your attack to deal light damage to all enemies and you don't want to make them all resistant to 'Physical', then either 1) increase the enemy's defence stat or 2) decrease the attack's damage! I recommend the latter :)
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    Beginner damage formula question

    I think I know what you mean. It's easy; say you set your attack/skill damage type to 'fire', you want fire to deal double damage to Rats. Well. You go to the 'enemies' tab, select 'Rat', and add a value for fire '200%', meaning it will suffer double damage. You could also do say 50%, meaning...
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    Help with cut scenes

    It sounds to me like you've got 2 separate events-- perhaps you should 'merge' them into one event. If you're having trouble try creating a second event page and use self switches. It sounds complicated but we can't really help you if you don't show us some screenshots.
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    TP stat

    I've decided to not mess with TP since it tends to break the behaviour of my NPC enemies. They do weird s**t and yes, I've gone through creating some events/conditions for actions, but it doesn't help! But AP sounds real nice, perhaps when your game is released I'll give it a go and see for...
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    Open World + Story

    That's a really, really neat way of doing it. I'm still unsure how to do mine; (Spoilers) the main character will probably awaken from some dream, cast/instigated by 'mother nature', since the MC is a 'child of the forest'. Blah blah blah, you need to save the world, but go wherever you want...

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