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    Time Fantasy, School Tiles and more!

    Which part of game development is the most exciting for you and why? I realy enjoy the brianstorming part, but alos the world-building. Waht i oftne realy enjoy is collaboration wihtother peol, where we build the world together.
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    are older RM2k3 games illegal

    Which is why, in general we won't host such games here,  but there are plenty of other places they can be found if you know where to look.
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    Those wierd trees/vine tangles remind me of the strange bio-chemiclal growths from "Seattle Superstorm" *Shudders*
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    JoSeraph's Resource Factory! <3

    defitiely have to lok at this as wel as the templates- i'm attempting to kitbash a set for an area i need.
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    are older RM2k3 games illegal

    IN fact Archeia said specificlaly they're not in the business of policing other sites. 
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    Pikachu's graphics

    I thought Meowth was the only Pokemon that talked! :P All joking aside, welcome! It's always nice to have addtional resources.
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    are the forest tiles in the exiting packs as well?
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    ReStaff April 2015

    *finds himself attempting to put lyrics to Bad, Bad Friends*
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    RPG Maker 2003 - Now Available

    People are saying the Steam fulscreen is chopy; might wana fix that... and  thay'd like OGG support,l but if the patches work then good. two things to plan on for the future.Good to know about the patches. Also I should buy it whil eit is on sale.
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    RPG Maker 2003 - Now Available

    LEt me put that differently; there Let me rephrase— is this going to trigger a new crackdown on preexisting illegal games or force them out of existence? Both Forever's End and Legend of the Philosopher's Stone  (Amazing games I might add) were created when the rules were more lax. Does that...
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    RPG Maker 2003 - Now Available

    *Wonder what it does to the legal status of older games that use rips (Forever's End, for example) if imported into the maker. *mulls over things* I don't know if i'd call her my favorite, but I have a special place in my heart for the little blue-haired girl from the 2k3 rtp due to her use as...
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    ReStaff April 2015

    *grabs* Yay! I'll definitely take a close look at those trees especially.
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    Infinite Fantasy - ! Recruiting ! - Open World RPG

    If you could use an extra extra tester I'd be glad to help. Actually that sounds like a good quest idea :P

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