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    Some RTP Edits

    Hello guys ! I've editted some RTP windows. Here is picture: So we got ourselves a pretty cool daytime window, dusk window and of course night window. Also added night window with moolight. ======================================== Another RTP edit with some drawers detailed and recolors...
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    Milk's MV Stuff

    Damn that squirrel is pretty nasty. It's almost perfect enemy for start of game. Nicely done !
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    FREE Worlds Collide [Need Mapper]

    Hello @CoGDork I'm interested in your project. Clearly, I could use a eventer role. I'm very good at this, learned mostly from creating my own game. So if eventing role is open, I'm ready to join.
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    Creating max value on variable

    @Andar Oh I see. Thanks for help !
  5. Typical

    Creating max value on variable

    Hello I have problem that I can't solve. Is there any script call that can make a limit to variable ex. variable 1 is 99 and I add 50 to that variable and it stays 99 ?
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    Creating time-based lanterns in Khas Awesome Light Effects

    I just made a simple tutorial how to make lanterns dissapear if eg. run out of oil. It's also provide option to make a light source with light range. So, if player leaves range of light and doesn't have any light source, he dies for example from panic, or from monsters that hide in darkness. I'm...

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