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    Abilities that shuffle enemy stats/give random debuffs

    Pretty similar to what you want :
  2. tzamis

    Changing the way hitrate & evade work together

    You will need to mess with the code found in your rpg_objects.js file. I think that the part you're looking for is within the Game_Action.prototype.apply function. What exactly you have to modify there is something that someone with more experience than me should tell you, in case your own...
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    [SOLVED] Big Confusion with simple code snippet for MV

    Thanks a lot for the thorough explanation! Gave me a better insight of how things work!
  4. tzamis

    Single face of SF_MadDoctor

    Looks very nice! Thanks a lot! :D
  5. tzamis

    Single face of SF_MadDoctor

    Of course! I'll send you the picture in a PM because I'm not sure If it's allowed to post the software's material on the forums.
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    Single face of SF_MadDoctor

    Resource Type: Face Maker Format: MV Art Style: Doesn't really matter, as long as it resembles the face of the battler. Description: Just a single face, with a sinister look if possible, similar to the one found in the battler's image. Reference Images: Search for the enemy SF_MadDoctor in...
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    Physical attacks not showing up in-game?

    Does your class have the appropriate trait to learn the skill type of your skill?
  8. tzamis

    [SOLVED] Big Confusion with simple code snippet for MV

    Thanks a lot, it worked indeed! Do you have any idea what's different on your "command" that makes it successful? I mean, it's almost identical to the "equips" one, which has worked fine for me in the past, except this single occasion. I didn't even know that hasArmor existed in the first place...
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    [SOLVED] Big Confusion with simple code snippet for MV

    I'm pretty new to JS, but I usually manage to pull off small variations to the default gameplay, by using some basic, non-complex scripting. Normally I have no trouble at all, but this time it seems that I hit a dead end. What I want to achieve : Actor X gets afflicted by a State. At the moment...
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    I would like to create a Mystic skill.

    For the rest of the request, this might help you : It's similar to what you want, but with healing instead of increasing SP. You'll have to tweak a bit with the provided code to reach your desired effect
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    Enlarging Option windows' size.

    In your project's folder, open the JS folder and then the rpg_windows.js file. Search for Window_Options.prototype.windowHeight = function() { return this.fittingHeight(Math.min(this.numVisibleRows(), 12)); And change 12 to whatever number of options you want to instantly appear on the...
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    Script for enemy to avoid targeting a state afflicted actor, using YEP Target Core.

    First, let me say that my scripting skills are close to zero. I have two enemies (in the same troop) that use a "targeting" ability to set a state which increases the Target Rate of the inflicted actor, in order to perform their next attack on him. My problem is, that once the first state has...
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    Johan's MV stuff! (Updated 11/02/2018) (Added Castle Walls)

    Great work converting all these icons in MV format!
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    Battle log history plugin?

    First of all, I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss any existing discussion on the subject and then, read some feedback about the idea from other community members. Unfortunately my coding knowledge is pretty limited. I would love to make a thread about it in the JS Plugin Request subforum...
  15. tzamis

    Battle log history plugin?

    I made a quick search and to my surprise I found nothing related to viewing past battle events during a battle. A lot of games, e.g. Hearthstone, utilize a log history system, providing the player the opportunity to keep track of what has happened in the last few turns. I think that something...

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