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    What are you experience with using a drawing tablet?

    If you are thinking about Wacom tablets, you may find this video helpful. As I don't have much experience yet, I decided to go with one of the cheapest options for now- Wacom Intuos. Probably over time I will see if I need something more professional, but as an entry point to the tablet drawing...
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    RPG Maker MV Nintendo Switch edition?

    Is it going to work the same way as RPG Maker Fes/RPG Maker Player or Super Mario Maker? I mean, that a content will be created inside the console only and shared with other players for free via an app.
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    How late is too late to introduce Party Members?

    It's probably never too late to introduce someone new to a party. Nevertheless such characters have to be interesting enough to convince player to care for them and see them as a worthy addition to a team. I can see three good options here: The good idea might be to introduce character earlier...

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please explain, why you are voting my commentary negativ.
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please explain, why you are voting my commentary negativ.
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