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    Hello... :D

    Hi AmpalayaJuice, welcome! Don't be shy, here is a pretty cool place ^^ Good luck with your projects... See ya :ewink:
  2. Uddra

    Bruno L. Loko here! o/

    Hi Bruno, welcome! Maybe you already know me but... good luck with your projects :P See ya :ewink:
  3. Uddra

    Hello, Orb here!

    Hi Orb, welcome! We learn something everyday and every moment... so keep it up ^^ See ya :ewink:
  4. Uddra

    Love Mapping Contest

    Congrats to the grand winners, those maps are indeed beautiful! d=(^-^)z I wasn't able to reach any place but it's ok... we have a lot of great works and this contest was successful! See ya :ewink:
  5. Uddra

    Love Mapping Contest - Fan Favorite

    Well... my participation is not on the list :usad:... but i appreciate what the staff is doing! Good luck to all! See ya :ewink:
  6. Uddra


    Hi chobokid, welcome! Good luck with your project ^^ See ya :ewink:
  7. Uddra

    Hi everyone!

    Hi Rose, welcome! Beautiful creations! For me, music/soundtrack is one of the most important things in a game, I appreciate it a lot! See ya :ewink:
  8. Uddra

    Pik is finally here

    Hi Pikheat, welcome! Yeah you're finally here yay ^^ Good luck with your projects! See ya :ewink:
  9. Uddra

    Love Mapping Contest

    I was thinking to do something similar haha Cool map ; ) See ya :ewink:
  10. Uddra

    May as well say hi

    Hi Syngeno, welcome! I joined the community recently and I was received very well... so you will be as well ^^ Good luck with your projects! See ya :ewink:
  11. Uddra

    *Insert a title that's more original than 'hi' here*

    Hi ScaredPumpkin, welcome! Don't worry about the questions, there's no problem! Enjoy the forums and... See ya :ewink:
  12. Uddra

    Why all the hate with assets?

    Yep there's a lot of bad games running RTP, as "mlogan" already said people associate the RTP with those games... I understand but doesn't necessarily mean that your game is not worthed. We have to try something before criticize. It depends of each one but don't let yourself down, always keep...
  13. Uddra

    Doing The Thing!

    Hi dragonzx, welcome! I never completed any project too, sadly... But we have to continue our learning to improve more and more! ^^ Enjoy the forums! See ya :ewink:
  14. Uddra

    Greetings, RPG Makers!

    Hi Freitzberg, welcome! You have awesome works, enjoy the forums! See ya :ewink:
  15. Uddra

    Stuff I craft.

    Interesting... it would be cool to play with those miniatures, they look nice! See ya :ewink:

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