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    Boss Battle Build Bout Submission Thread!

    Welp, wouldn't be a Spinel game if it wasn't excessively pixelated and had a killer soundtrack, amirite? Anyway, this was a great opportunity to hone some new skills! I'm a bona-fide Dragonboner now! Enjoy!
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    Setting Up A Card System (MV)

    So, this was a bit of a pet project that I had to put aside for my main project, so I'm not actively working on it. That said, I did get some further progress that I don't recall posting here. For starters, for my pre-battle common event, I created an array that is equal to your current deck...
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    Setting Up A Card System (MV)

    Yeah, that seems to be along the lines of what I was getting from my searches. That said, I've yet to find an alternative that isn't defunct. It sounds like this will be a tricky task, but luckily I don't really need all the features the plugins I've been skimming through are asking for...
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    Setting Up A Card System (MV)

    Yeah, I'd be in the same boat but this one sounds like a big enough undertaking that I'm not super confident I could handle it myself, and while I could probably afford to commission someone else to make the plugin, I'd rather avoid that if I can pull it off with the resources I've got.
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    Setting Up A Card System (MV)

    Heyo, everyone! So, I've got myself a pretty interesting task today. Effectively, my goal is to set up some sort of card system, where a player can create a deck, have that deck shuffled, and draw a hand during battle from which a card can be selected for use as a skill. This has not...
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    How to make an Opening animation starting in a boat offscreen

    You're not going to be able to spawn the character completely off the map without plugin shenanigans. That said, what you're really trying to do is actually start the game in a place where the player isn't immediately in the center of the screen. My personal recommendation would be this: create...
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    RMMV Link BGM and ME Volumes (SOLVED)

    That did the trick! Thank you!
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    RMMV Link BGM and ME Volumes (SOLVED)

    Hello, everyone! Today I come to you in hopes of adjusting the game's Options parameters. By default, there are four volume options: SE, BGM, ME, and BGS. I can understand why these four are seperated the way they are, but for my purposes, I've found that having ME and BGM attached to seperate...
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    Hime Menu Music on Load File

    I had given up on this long ago (the compromise we came up with was to simply make a "quick save" button that opens the save screen on the map, thus skipping the menu music entirely), but this honestly gives me a ton of closure after ripping my hair out over it for a couple of days. Thank you...
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    RMMV YEP Taunt and Random Scope

    Hello, everyone! Today's inquiry regards Yanfly's Taunt Core! It's a relatively simple question, but I'm not positive the answer will be as intuitive, huh. Basically, the gist of the Taunt Core is that it forces skills of certain types to ignore TGR and...
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    RMMV Display variable in BattleStatus Window

    Hello there! A couple of actors in my game have special variables that the player would benefit from being able to quickly reference at a glance. Currently, I've been employing SRD's Hud Maker to display these, which works functionally alright but tends to look out of place on the overall UI...
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    Recover MP whenever you kill any enemy in a battle.

    Actually, that looks just about how I'd do it. From here, if it doesn't work how you intended, it'll probably be a series of small tweaks.
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    RMMV YEP Party System Creates Placeholder Actors

    To anyone that has this problem in the future, I've got a bit of a band-aid fix. Basically, you have to add the character to your party twice, once before changing anything else about the party, then once again after you finish doing that. I don't *exactly* understand why this works, but from...
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    Recover MP whenever you kill any enemy in a battle.

    I'm not sure if there's a way to get the common event to check a specific target, but if you had it check EVERY enemy, it would probably work? But if you're using immortal enemies for a cutscene or something that might complicate things. Maybe combining damage formulae with common events will...
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    Recover MP whenever you kill any enemy in a battle.

    Ah, fair enough. Okay, in that case you're gonna want to do some crazy damage formula shenanigans. This thread is my best friend when it comes to this sort of thing, I pretty much have it open in a tab at all times for quick reference. You're probably going to have to put this on every attack...

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