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    @Tornado Summoner : Thanks !

    @Tornado Summoner : Thanks !
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    Back to scripting again :D !

    Back to scripting again :D !
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    Me too.But studying is more important :D

    Me too.But studying is more important :D
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    VXA : Alphabet Letters Tiles ?

    @mlogan : If it isn't too much work for you,yes.I guess.
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    VXA : Alphabet Letters Tiles ?

    @Amysaurus : Awesome ! Thanks !
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    VXA : Error with Yanfly's Text Script

    Hello ! I'm having this error with Yanfly's Text Script for VX Ace [because image is too big] This is the event window [Keeping project name secret !] Thanks in Advance !
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    VXA : Alphabet Letters Tiles ?

    Like this : For the size, 32x32 is OK. Thank you so much for accepting my request !!!
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    VXA : Alphabet Letters Tiles ?

    @mlogan : I need a normal pixelated font,small letters to fit in walls but still be visible enough,and upper case only & white.
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    VXA : Alphabet Letters Tiles ?

    Hello all, I would like alphabet letter tiles.I Googled for like 2 hours and I have found nothing.Sorry if I ask too much. Thanks In Advance !
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    I watch it everyday.

    I watch it everyday.
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    The Most Common / Cliche RPG Stories

    @Cabfe : That's a very nice list.
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    What exactly is game atmosphere ?

    @Andar : Thanks.I aim to make an atmosphere suitable for a dungeon while staying satirical sometimes.The game objective is fairly straightforward : Reach the end of a lengendary path by crawling in dungeons and looting people and chests.
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    What exactly is game atmosphere ?

    Hello all, I just want my game to deliver great atmosphere.So I want to gather some info about what exactly is atmosphere,and what would you like to see or expect from a Dungeon Crawler/Adventure Game.

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