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    Hey there I am starting a series on YouTube where I play and review indie games. I'm starting off with RPG Maker games I find on this...
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    I run on lack of sleep, 64 spoonfuls of sugar, sacrifices to Queen Mab, and autism.
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    @Mcniner @Umbriel We do not support the use of rips here. Please do not ask for help formatting them or help format them in the future...
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    Sorry but yeah, I wasn't aware of the rips rule and that was my bad. Also I'd recommend not putting your email out to the public tbh.
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    I did a simple little line-up of my project's four heroes: Laika, Angie, Lio and Cyan These are their most basic designs, I intend on...
  • Umbriel replied to the thread Some Character Designs.
    Very nice designs and art style! I especially love the robot, but I just kinda love quirky robot characters to begin with lol.
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    Been working on some of the artwork for my game and wanted to share it with y'all.
  • i wanted to post some more visual asset progress of my game! So, "Petland" was originally a placeholder that i wanted to change, but i...
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    Sometimes it works out to not do work on my game for a while. I ran through a playtest today and got about a page of things to fix or...
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    I did that once and hit a monster where I went "What IDIOT put this monster in this fight? Wait a minute..." Let's just say I rebalanced...
  • Umbriel replied to the thread Shed Skin (Armor strip skill).
    A simple, stat-based method of achieving this would be to create a skill for your Shed Skin move, and then adding a buff for agility in...
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  • Umbriel posted the thread . in Art, Literature, and Music.
  • Umbriel replied to the thread I Need Character Sprite..
    content removed by moderator Here you go, I wasn't sure if you meant you wanted just Link from Zelda 1 with blue, or the exact link...
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    "Young boy... I can tell that you've been feeling lonely for years. Blow this candle, make a wish, and you'll make a lot of friends." -...
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    It just means you need to be thoughtful and playtest. If you have code to increase the parameters when a certain thing happens, it's not...

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