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  • Got Galv's Message Busts plugin not too long ago, so I drew up a bust shot (well, more like a half-body) of my character. Not entirely sold on how I drew his mask, but it will do for the moment, I think. I've also done his walking sprites for the overworld, and plan to draw his battle sprites as well.
    He looks good. My only suggestion would be to maybe have the 'beak' be a little worn to break up the brightness more and give him a little more personality... But that's totally my opinion only.
    @Finnuval I see what you mean! I thought it looked a bit too big at first, but now that you mentioned it, a bit of texture would make it much more interesting. Thank you for the feedback!
    So... I hadn't been on RPG Maker for almost a year. Tis shameful, to be sure. I'll have to change that, won't I.

    Before my hiatus, I was messing around in VXAce, mostly in combat. Now I have MV, which will hopefully be good enough for anything ambitious...

    Maybe I can make a silly little alchemy RPG after all...?
    Would be nice to have something like alchemist simulator. Mixing ingredients is fun.
    But try to keep it simple, it's the best way to have some fun and go back to work slowly.
    TIL that there was someone on FFXIV wearing a plague doctor mask with the name Duskor Wight.
    A spooky coincidence? Probably, yes. I'm not that original, but it was a bit surprising that someone else used that name, even though it's one letter off from my doctor's one. Mine doesn't have the surname Wight though. Still, pretty weird, but hey.
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Screenshot saturday!

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Happy weekend all

Would an older woman be eligible for Blondus points?
Or is that a privilege exclusive to the youngsters?
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Sometimes screenshot saturday is just a new enemy
Update: Coworker sabotaged the truck's mirrors by applying a threadlocking compound to the bolts used to adjust the mirrors. Now NO ONE can adjust them. So I filed a legit report of sabotage of equipment to leadership and declared that I cannot safely operate the vehicle if I can't see what needs to be seen. So the truck has to go to the shop for repair, and we need a substitute vehicle. Nice work, dude :p
Part of growing up is finding out that love hurts.
"I signed up for this heartbreak."

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