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    Modification to lmbs - should be easy

    Sry for the necropost, but I have a question---how exactly did u remove the BattleCry from Mog's LMBS?
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    RMMV Second Chance [In Development]

    This game looks BEAUTIFUL. Reminds me of "The Lone Survivor" as well as "Claire".
  3. Ungragu

    Stat Polygon

    @slimmmeiske2 Oops, sorry! I had no idea I did that!
  4. Ungragu

    The StatusMenuCore (v 1.1.1)

    I wonder if someone could make it compatible with Yanfly's.....nah, just a pipe dream, I'm sure.
  5. Ungragu

    Stat Polygon

    Ah I see. I take a look at the core files for the ids. @mjshi Okay, I found them in the rpg_objects.js file. However, they appear to be in separation from the base params. The function (in line 2125) is as follows: Would it be possible for one to slightly alter the code of the plugin in order...
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    Extra features can be added to make Battle System better :-)

    So basically like Persona 5's negotiation system?
  7. Ungragu

    Stat Polygon

    How would I go about adding some of the special parameters, such as Pharmacology?
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    Game_Stailer94´s Quest System

    Okay you know what, whatever. I finally calmed down a bit and found the plugin itself. But the quest editor is still broken. Think I'll just use Gameus's old one.
  9. Ungragu

    Game_Stailer94´s Quest System

    I think it's broken because this is all I get, and I have repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled to figure out what I did wrong.
  10. Ungragu

    Game_Stailer94´s Quest System

    Okay, how did you guys even get this working?! I am freaking out right now because NOTHING in the editor is working!! It wont set the directory and I end up having to use Windows Task Manager to actually close the stupid thing!!! What am I doing wrong?! Editor version is 1.3.3
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    Weird lag is MV when a couple things happen at once.

    Yeah, but what if your thing REQUIRES all those parallel events?
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    Ramza's new and Improved Dual Wield Plugin -=UPDATED April 3 2019=-

    Thanks that may possibly be it, since your plugin is at the bottom of my plugin list. I'll look into that possiblity and get back to you on it.
  13. Ungragu

    Ramza's new and Improved Dual Wield Plugin -=UPDATED April 3 2019=-

    See? So, maybe you could do a fix or something on this, or tell me if there's something I'm not seeing here. Awesome plugin, by the way.
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    Ramza's new and Improved Dual Wield Plugin -=UPDATED April 3 2019=-

    Yeah, I'm using your Dual Wield plugin along with Yanfly's Action Sequences, but when I have the dual wield plugin on (even if it is not currently in use) the camera gets.....weird.
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    Saving Won't Work in RMMV....

    I've been using MV for a while now, and suddenly, whenever I try to open the save scene, for the first 2 attempts at saving, it will make a buzzer sound. On the third, it will display an error stating "undefined is not a function". Also, here's the plugins I'm using (if that helps) Sorry...

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