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  1. Thoughts on a Magic the gathering RPG?

    Understood but WOTC (Wizards of the coast) has made games in the past (gave rights to at least) most of them card games on being a very odd RTS like game, i just don't see why a company wouldn't approach and be like hey lets team up and make some magic happen lol.
  2. Thoughts on a Magic the gathering RPG?

    With how big their source material is and how the lore is set up (Wizards and monsters) you'd think this would be a no brainier for a fun and largely diverse RPG game, has anyone made on on RPG maker?
  3. What are the Best games you all have played?

    @Clades I loved panzers dragoon, i had the Sega Saturn version until i lost it at my wife's house before shipping off for basic, i remember i used to put a piece of paper over the on button for my Saturn because it was 4 disks long and my mom would turn the system off, made it all the way to...
  4. Games You Love That Everyone Else Hates

    Resident Evil 6 i didn't get the hate, it was a good ACTION game i felt people put way to much into thinking "it should be" as to what it was, i know 7 went back to its roots but i don't see the hype, think people were more nostaligic and it took over for that one.
  5. What is your favorite Trading Card Game?

    You weren't wrong, a little early on your prediction but still pretty good call! A lot from that block shot up due to ahkomnet release. @Lanitz If you held onto your cards Devoted druid (common rarity) went from pennies to 12 bucks a card, if you got a foil its worth 50 bucks.
  6. Negative consequences to using magic

    Something to think about would be a death knight like approach, sacrificing your own health in order to cast spells.
  7. FREE In need for voice actors and some translators for a telltale type game :)

    I sent this to my nephew, he's really big into voice acting and apparently talks with a lot of others as well, with any luck he'll pass it on.
  8. Nature Based Archer Classes

    Something to think about but you can add posion/toxic skills, debuffs rangers (I would assume) get there skills in wooded environments, if you feel you're going to mage with your hero just give him debuffs like posion arrow or spike trap (bleeding damage) some cool skills to check out for a...
  9. Dreadnought or Juggernaut class (offensive tank)

    Juggernaut sounds like a guy that'll shake off damage while a dreadnaught sounds like it's ready to purge for the emperor.
  10. 3 seperate stories in 1 game. good or bad?

    My votes for suikoden 3's system, I felt it worked really well. Based on some of the things you've said maybe keep your "extra" characters as just story filler? As opposed to playing out a fully fleshed out game with them leveling up and getting equipment etc just do something like "screen fades...
  11. Female dwarf sprite needed

    Did you end up making a female dwarf? I'd love to see how it turned out based on your work.

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