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    Tsukihime Mana Shield Effect Help

    Yanfly Core Yanfly Ace Battle Engine Yanfly Anti-Fail Message Yanfly Follow Up Skill Yanfly Skill Restrictions Yanfly Skill Cost Manager Yanfly Hide Skills Yanfly Combat Log Tsukihime Effect Manager Tsukihime Mana Shield Tsukihime Thorns Tsukihime Add Self State Tsukihime Troop Battle BGM...
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    Tsukihime Mana Shield Effect Help

    Tried adding the "if @mp == 0" part where you suggested, neither of them seemed to work. Tried using both of them at once, and it didn't work either. If it helps, my actor has a larger Max MP than their Max HP.
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    Tsukihime Mana Shield Effect Help When an actor with a mana shield state takes damage that's greater than their current HP, the mana shield doesn't absorb the damage, and the actor just dies. How can I make it so that the MP must reach zero before the HP takes any damage?
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    Ramiro Mother 3 HUD Animation Issues

    I'm using a script that shows enemy animations on the players. The issue is that, when an enemy uses a skill, the damage occurs during the animation. I want the enemy attack animations to show the damage AFTER the animation has finished. It's worth noting that when actors use skills, the damage...

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