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  1. Event activation upon enering certain distance

    Hi! I am trying to activate this event, when my player goes near it. I have set up variables: variable1 = player x (on map) variable2 = player y (on map) variable3 = event x (on map) variable4 = event y (on map) I want to make a script for conditional branch which would...
  2. How to make moving event activate only, when facing player

    Thanks, I think I got it now.
  3. How to make moving event activate only, when facing player

    My goal is to make an enemy which: 1. Starts attacking and approaching me, when I am at specified distance  and is agressive until I move out of the distance. (Enemy's don't need HP) 2. Can only attack, when it's facing the player. (Need to be able to change attack speed and damage value)...
  4. How to make moving event activate only, when facing player

    I think I have done this whole enemy thing one worst possible way. because I have attacking as separate event. I could not come up with a way how to have independent attacking from the main contents.  This first conditional branch should trigger my attack event, when I find a solution...
  5. How to make moving event activate only, when facing player

    Hi! I just started exploring RPG Maker VX Ace and this has been a lot of fun. I am trying to make an event, that is acting like an enemy. The problem I am struggling with, is that this so-called enemy attacks from every side, but I want it to attack only, when it is facing the player...

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