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  1. Canceling a action with a skill effect

    Hello there, I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this since I'm having trouble figuring this out. I'm using Yanfly's CTB system and like it says in the title I want to make a skill that cancels out an upcoming action and makes the target of said skill to a completely different action their...
  2. YED Sideview Battler help?

    hello, sorry for the late reply haven't been checking my emails lately and I've swapped with work. but anyway I did try the method you told me but nothing changed so would I need to put it in the skill note tag or with the other motions in the actor note tag?
  3. YED Sideview Battler help?

    So I don't need the first part, I can just put whatever name I need to for the custom motion to work?
  4. YED Sideview Battler help?

    Hello, I was hoping someone could help and explain a note tag command to me? The plugin's help file really doesn't explain this too well. So I was wondering about the command to add custom motions to battlers using YED's Sideview Battlers. Since that alone was one of the reasons I got the...
  5. Giving characters free movement in battle.

    @gothicvoid Hey thank you for the reply. I think we talked about all this before so it's good seeing you again. Anyway I figured it be like that and I am willing to pay for it if it comes down to that. I was actually looking for a programmer to help with this before I posted this here, LoL. so...
  6. Giving characters free movement in battle.

    Hello,I've been trying to figure this out for a while now and haven't had any luck so I'm hoping someone here can help or point me in the right direction.:LZSsmile: So as stated in the thread's title I'm trying to give my characters the ability to actively move around the battlefield during...
  7. Home position changer?

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get some advice about this. I need a plugin that will update the home position of an actor during battles so that the actor can stay in the place they finished their action. I don't think it would be too bad to figure out but I'm not exactly sure where to start on...
  8. Updating the home position mid battle

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew how to do this: You see I have a dynamic battle system of sorts, in which the actors and enemy move up to the target and attack and then stay in the place they finished their turn. like the battles in Gaia's melody. I've managed to get to the point where I have...
  9. Mid battle skill change

    Hi, I was wondering how I can change skills in the middle of battle? Like if An actor uses one skill under a certain condition that skill would change into a completely different skill. For example: If you use a fire spell and then you have a wind weapon equipped the skill would then become a...
  10. The Elemental gauge

    The idea is scrapped.
  11. The Elemental gauge

  12. The Elemental gauge

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on a game mechanic I was thinking of. So if you remember: in tales of the abyss, there were these circles (Field of Fonons) that appeared on the battlefield after you, a party member or enemy used an elemental spell or attack, and if you used a certain attack on...
  13. Yanfly item synthesis help

    Thanks again.
  14. Yanfly item synthesis help

    Btw do you know how to close this thread?
  15. Yanfly item synthesis help

    It works! Thanks so much for your help. i don't know what i was gonna do with out this in game. Thanks again.

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