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I made a self-rule to make full-color art with a background once a month. But it doesn't mean I'm not allowed to make more.
I hope all our Canadian friends are doing well. It’s wild enough how much the smoke has impacted the Northern states (sky is very hazy, can’t have my windows open even though the temp is gorgeous)…so I hope those actually being threatened by the fire are safe.
It is important to remember, in a world where everyone quickly resorts to hate, that few people actually deserve your rude thoughts about them. They're just different from you in most cases and aren't malicious.
Life is strange. I am currently in a train-the-trainer course for Fraud Docs and Counterfeiting Techniques. And our assignment last night was to make several counterfeit documents using simple tools like Paint and such. And I actually learned stuff that might be helpful in trying to make/edit things for RM assets. I don't think that is what the course developer had in mind! :)

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