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    Making a game probably.

    Making a game probably.
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    RMMV Into The Clouds (Cancelled )

    thank you for the support :LZSsmile:
  3. UnknownJones

    RMMV Into The Clouds (Cancelled )

    sadly this project will never be seen again i deleted it off my computer and media fire :aswt: it wasn't in a good state anyways
  4. UnknownJones

    Unknown Jones' MV Battlers

    Credit: Unknown Jones, MaverickTheFur or MaverickTheLynx Usage: Can be used in commercial and non-commercial projects (A free copy would be nice if commercial but you don't have to) SV Enemies [/SPOILER]
  5. UnknownJones

    Orange Overlay

    when i put the note tag for shadow it doesnt work however the ground note tag am i the only one with this problem?
  6. UnknownJones

    RMMV Into The Clouds (Cancelled )

    Don't worry your jetpack is going to be in the new game! And I have made games before but that was about a year ago and I had a decent game that I'm planning on kinda remaking in this project as I've gotten smarter since then. But I did start a project that was never gonna go to the public...
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    RMMV Into The Clouds (Cancelled )

    I'm sorry I have decided to cancel this project for reasons such as I wasn't feeling like that it was worthy for me to complete and I just felt drained, the genre wasn't good for just starting back out you will see the new project very soon.
  8. UnknownJones

    RMMV Into The Clouds (Cancelled )

    This project has been cancelled But you can still play it! At (I will add link when I get home)
  9. UnknownJones

    Steampunk Tileset [MV]

    :thumbsup-left::rhappy::thumbsup-right: thank you so much :thumbsup-left::rhappy::thumbsup-right:
  10. UnknownJones

    Steampunk Tileset [MV]

    Yup I still need help I just found out that I can't use cellianna and lunearas steampunk Tileset in mv so I will be using bokous steampunk tiles but that doesn't have floors in it so if anyone can help that will be awesome! (If you can make it blend with the walls etc)
  11. UnknownJones

    Steampunk Tiles

    Dang looks like I can't use these tile at all, better start making my own tiles because there are literally no other steampunk tiles I can find
  12. UnknownJones

    Steampunk Tiles

    Is it allowed to resize and edit them into a tileset for mv and post those I will of course give you credit I just want people to be easily be able to use steampunk tiles for mv without having them have to either make their own or find bits and pieces for mv because mv is a lot more popular
  13. UnknownJones

    Paradox Recoloured Basic Tilessets!

    @Maycon Gama Ribeiro Credit kadokawa as these are edits of kadokawa/enterbrain tiles
  14. UnknownJones

    Looking for jetpack generator parts

    Thanks so much you really are a lifesaver

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