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  • Just finished the Conception II demo and I have to's not bad. Sure the Classmating scene is NOT subtle(The music that played during the scene didn't help XD), I felt that the game isn't taking it's self seriously and it's just having fun with the game. I don't see the problem with it.
    Just finished editing the second have of my demo. Went back to the first half to clear somethings up and realized that the first half reads like a completely different story. Sigh. There goes the rest of my Saturday...
    Alright, if I want to release a decent demo of my game by the end of the month I'm going to need to stop procrastinating and finsh cleaning up the dialouge. Sorry Fallout, I'll have to finish you at another time.
    Lars Ulrika
    Lars Ulrika
    Here is why I don't allow myself to try any new game lately.
    Traveling Bard
    Traveling Bard
    You got this! Good luck :)
    I have one word for you:

    Alright, time to take another break from RPG project! My friend gave me copies of Fallout 1 & 2. Seeing as this is my first time playing the series I hope it's as good as everyone says it is.
    Finally sat down and played SMTIV. Early virdict.....AWESOME! Althhough I had to get out of my persona thinking skills, I'm throughly enjoying the game so far. Although the first two battle I fought I lost and died. Luckily I have a plathra of play coins.
    Just caught Shin Megami Tensei IV today for 30 bucks! Might not have enough to get Shantae this week, but I HAD to catch this! And it's funny, because this will be my first time playing the main series while I've played almost all of the spin-offs.
    SMT4 is a great game. And pretty challenging at that, have fun!
    Once I finish tweaking this map I'm taking a break from rpg maker for the day. If I have any hope of getting any good ranks in pokemon X I need to finish breeding my ultimate team.
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Wasting so much time trying to get a sprite behavior to work. I feel like banging my head against a wall.
Well... it’s been a real pain in the IRS today. :/
My kitty still young (3-4 months), I think I could teach her some funny tricks... like: "Play dead-ly good music for my games"
Here's a quality DPS class idea: The Beekeeper, who uses the "Bees!!" skill to attack and poison enemies.
Please don't create long, boring cutscenes in which characters do nothing but stand around talking.

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