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    RMMV Bigger Icons in battle

    Yeah, only in battle. They fit ok with the font in the textboxes, etc. When using the state animations they appear bigger but my game have more than 10 states so I can't use them.
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    RMMV Bigger Icons in battle

    Yeah, I tried making them bigger but it doesn't work, as @ATT_Turan pointed out. What I need is a plugin, bc I just want to make bigger those icons in battle to match my pixel art resolution, the rest are perfect size.
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    RMMV Bigger Icons in battle

  4. Vach

    RMMV Bigger Icons in battle

    I just need to increase the size of the state icon by 50%. I use Yanfly's Plugins. Thanks!
  5. Vach

    [YEP][VE] TP skill cost not showing - SFont bug?

    I just found out that the script "loads" first the white and blue fonts because they are the system colors. If I change the TP cost color to blue or default (white) it works fine. But I want green.
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    [YEP][VE] TP skill cost not showing - SFont bug?

    Hi. I'm using the SFont plugin by Victor Sant in my game along with a bunch of Yanfly's (BattleEngineCore, SkillCore, SaveCore,VictoryAftermath, MainMenuManager...) The TP cost doesn’t show up the first time you open the menu (Skills Menu and in battle) but do show the next time you open. It’s...

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