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    RMMZ Message Sound Effects

    Can I knock? because this topic seems to interest a lot of people, (1k views)
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    RMMZ Message Sound Effects

    Hi everyone, (I wanted to avoid creating a new topic) I have the same question. Does anyone know if a plugin like this has been created for mz? Which can include multiple sounds for different characters ?
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    Tutorial-Blog Creating Skills with Different On-Map and Battle Effects

    Great, i was looking for a way to do it, kinda like in the Golden Sun where skills are used for exploration out of combat. Thanks for this tutorial !
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    Impressive ! After the encyclopedia system that's exactly what I miss and knowing that it is...

    Impressive ! After the encyclopedia system that's exactly what I miss and knowing that it is created by you I would be sure of the compatibility it's great, the visual is nice :thumbsup-left: Oh, and one cool visual feature could be a small pop-up that appears when the quest begins and when it...
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    Simple Quests System (journal and quests tracking)[MZ, MV]

    I like the look of this plugin, and with the possible customization it's great
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    RMMV YEP Action Sequences: Premades Current Sequence: Mercy Ring

    Hi everyone, So, first of all, congratulations on your work, it's super cool to help the community like that. My request concerns an action sequence which would be for an archer who would shoot several arrows in a row a bit like the Vibrato sequence in this video : at 2.33 I would like to know...
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    RMMV --- The Adventures Of Derpo --- [5-6 Hour DEMO Available!]

    I sincerely hope your game is still in development, the style and technique everything is super clean, it's great work :thumbsup-left:

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