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  • Debugging time! RPG Fighter League need some love if I want to finish this game before 2026 ;)
    I'm looking for a MAC OS X tester for my project RPG Fighter League! Anyone here that can just hel me to test if everything work fine? THX U :)
    To finish a RPG Maker MV game is a hell lot of work! But I'm sure people will have a great time playing RPG Fighter League. More to come in the next few weeks! Now time to return polish, tweak, debug and do some cool content :)
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    Faye Valentine
    Faye Valentine
    Not only MV but basically every RPG Maker. Making an RPG is not an easy task, my fellows!
    I concur.

    It wasn't until this past year that I decided to really sit down and work on a project (because sitting down to work on it is a must). I've barely scratched the surface of game design with my myriad unfinished projects (and I've been working with RPG Maker software since the PlayStation One game! If that's any indicator) but it's the hard work that makes these games so worth it in the end.

    Best of luck @Val, can't wait to see what you've got.
    Thanks to you all! Already soo much time have passed in my project right now (more then 500 hours of works) but I'm still having fun and I just want to make it happen and share with every rpg fan a game that they could love and that I will continue to develop with all your help over the next year. 

    It's just the beginning and I'm sure a lot of people around here will create really great game that we will always remember :)
    I'm back full time on my RPG Maker MV project! Let's make some fun with RPG Fighter League for all the fans of great rpg battle adventure with a group of great characters and new development.
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    Hey, long time no see :p
    Yeah been too long, cant wait to let you play the new version, I'm sure you will love the new stuff. I think it's becoming a good RPG Project :D
    Making RPG it's so great feeling to have a world starting to get alive with all the content and characters :)  Let's make something great!
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    Thank you! I will do my best to make sure this project come alive and be great to all rpg maker fans :D
    So many features...hopefully you will be able to implement them all.

    Good luck!
    Yeah Dalph, if you try the demo you will see that a good portion are already implemented.

    I'm going to make sure everything will be good and inside the project for a complete RPG experience :D

    I need more time to do everything I want with my game RPG Fighter League!!! 

    One things at a time, I will be able to finish this before 2034.... ;)
    Working on new type of enemies for RPG Fighter League :)
    nice, keep it up :)
    I'm looking forward to seeing these new type of enemies. Will make battles very interesting.
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