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    "skilllearnCostJp" is not defined??

    Actually I fixed it! I just needed to update the plugins and move the Job Points plugin higher in the list!
  2. Valancourt

    "skilllearnCostJp" is not defined??

    While playtesting my game using Yanfly's Skill Learn System, when I made all the character's skills and tried to have her learn them, I got this error message as soon as I clicked on the "Advancement" command which takes you into the skill learning screen: "skilllearnCostJp is not defined."...
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    Random Item Prefixes & Suffixes

    Can you remove that plus or minus number at the end of each weapon's or armor's name? I don't want it say like, Masterwork Longsword of Fire +55, I just want it to say Masterwork Longsword of Fire.
  4. Valancourt

    Yanfly Selection Control Problem

    I can try starting a new game with the plugin installed.. I'll see if that fixes it. Here is the link to the plugin: *snip* In the instructional video on Yanfly's site it says to place the plugin underneath the Target Core and the Battle Engine Core, which I did
  5. Valancourt

    Yanfly Selection Control Problem

    My game crashes when I get into a battle using the Yanfly Selection control plugin. Can anyone explain why it says the 'length' is undefined??
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    Equipment Learning

    OK, i was able to see the skill by hitting left and right when the weapon was selected, however i'm not sure why AP is not being awarded and the skill bar is not filling up after battles..
  7. Valancourt

    Equipment Learning

    I'm having problems getting this to work. I believe i have followed all the instructions, including putting this plugin near the bottom of my plugin list, below the Yanfly plugins. I made the weapon with the skill: Then I set up the skill to learn: But it doesn't work in game...
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    Error message at playtesting

    I actually fixed the problem. i had the XP table set for 12 classes, then i reduced the number of classes to 5, and even though i changed the class_exp.csv file accordingly, the game wasn't recognizing it, so i had to set the classes in the database back to 12, even though only 5 classes will be...
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    Error message at playtesting

    I can't even get to the title screen. as soon as i press the playtest button, the screen goes black and shows me the error message.
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    Error message at playtesting

    I can't playtest my game because of this random occurance. I get these error message saying that exp tables are "undefined" even though i clearly followed the instructions of the plugin i was using, and "defined" where the information is being stored. Can someone help me fix this?
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    Extra enemies plugin

    I'll check it out, thanks!
  12. Valancourt

    Extra enemies plugin

    Hey everyone, I am looking for a plugin or perhaps I can request one, that allows you to add more than 8 enemies to a battle. Also it would be useful to have an enemy note tag like this: <No. Appearing: x to y> <No. Appearing: 2 to 12> <No. Appearing: x> instead of having to keep...
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    Issue with Yanfly Skill Learn plugin

    I'm having an issue with notetags not working. In order to learn the skill Potence, you need to first learn Power Attack and be 3rd level, however: My character is 1st level and the Potence skill is listed in his skill learn library.. the skill should not even appear until he is...
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    8 Directions graphics plugin

    Can you make a video showing this? this wasn't explained too well..
  15. Valancourt

    Galv's Diagonal Movement

    Hey Galv,  Does this plugin allow the game to draw actual diagonal sprites? I have some diagonal sprites but have yet to find a means of getting the game to draw them. I am using RPG Maker MV. These are my 4-directional sprites: And my diagonals: I tried making a sprite sheet...

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