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    Sevarihk's original asset collection (MV version)

    These are so well made! Looking forward to more updates!
  2. ValentinaSama67

    Moon's Resources

    You have some really nice works!! Thank you so much for sharing!
  3. ValentinaSama67

    No Travel Game Jam

    This sounds fun! Might try doing something!
  4. ValentinaSama67

    Need some clothing for Tall Sprites! [RMMV]

    Hello! I've been working on my game and I tried spriting the clothing below for Tonbi's Tall Sprites, but I failed miserably, so I decided to come here and ask if someone could make sprites out of these clothes. (only the TV sprites [walking sprites]) Resource Type: Clothing for 4 directional...
  5. ValentinaSama67

    Terrax Lighting Issue!

    Ok, so I organized my plugins rn (I seriously thought that the order didn't matter that much), and lowered the Terrax plugin, however, once I did that It conflicted with the MOG_TreasurePopUp so I moved it back to the top. But when I moved it to the top, It worked again normally. Well... At...
  6. ValentinaSama67

    Terrax Lighting Issue!

    So, I was making some maps and decided to put some lighting effects with Terrax lighting, and, for some extremely odd reason... This happened: I'm not sure why, since this never happened before to me. Here's how my plugins are organized: If anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me, I'd...
  7. ValentinaSama67

    Kal Kally's Generator Resource Collection

    Some very cool parts you got there! Keep it up!
  8. ValentinaSama67

    RMMV "Magical" Boy/Girl based game

    Thank you! I've already seen your workshop before, you have some really cool art. Thank you, I really like the persona series and their mechanics so I suppose it's kind of inevitable that I'll get inspiration from them.
  9. ValentinaSama67

    RMMV "Magical" Boy/Girl based game

    Strings of Fate (name may change) Is the name of a project I've been kind of working on, I got a few world building details, sprites and mechanics thought through, however, I'd like to receive some feedback on what I've already established. (most names might/will change in the future, so don't...
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    A dress for a Goddess (MV)

    Wow!! She looks so good! Thank you so much! (You even added her hair and all)
  11. ValentinaSama67

    A dress for a Goddess (MV)

    Whoa, you actually did the math... Actually my intention was for the cape to be really long like in the sprite, but I decided to make it shorter. Lol
  12. ValentinaSama67

    A dress for a Goddess (MV)

    Whaaat?! But it looks amazing! (I don't really need the other directions, just the front one is fine!) If you want to refine it more it's up to you, but I really liked the result. (você fala português?)
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    Val's few RMMV Stuffs

    Hello~~ I decided to post some of the stuff that I did for my projects, so other people may use it. For now there's only busts, but there may be more in the future. T.O.S You must credit me: ValentinaSama66 or Valentina H. You're not allowed to repost without my permission. You're not allowed...
  14. ValentinaSama67

    A dress for a Goddess (MV)

    Of course! I really don't mind if other people use it!

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