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  1. How to make background an image?

    Thats so odd. Now it is randomly working??? (I didnt change anything, I just re-opened the map and starting painting the tiles anew) lol I am so confused, but thank you so very much! You have been a massive help!
  2. How to make background an image?

    Okay re-reading it I think I know what you mean!! I did it however the "visual standins" wont leave when I try to replace them.
  3. How to make background an image?

    Yes!! This is what I started doing before I seen your reply to try out, however I cant seem to get it to work. I'm unsure what to do on these steps I quoted above (sorry I'm new) But your method seems to be exactly what I'm looking for so maybe you can help me understand what you mean a bit...
  4. How to make background an image?

    Im actually not sure where I was supposed to post this thread, so I picked the one I thought most relevent. I'm new to the RPG Maker world and just bought MZ. I've spent the last few days learning and experimenting non stop. My question is this: How do I make an image as the background that the...

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