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    Sprite Art to orient myself towards

    I'm in search for good sprite art to draw inspiration from. Currently, the best Art for me is from Terranigma, but i would be delighted to see some other offers. I add this link to have a reference for any users, since uploading spritesheets seem to be forbidden...
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    Great Minds Think Alike and/or We Are All Unoriginal Hacks

    Atleast your character has only one, maybe two similar characters in medium, in comparsion to dozens of "rough marines" in shooters.
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    Terrax Lighting system

    Greetings, Terrax! For my game i wanted my main character to fall into an mostly dark cave, but then he is surrounded by red eyes. Can i make exceptions for events to be visible in the darkness?
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    Different battle systems

    Just as a note, Yanfly will replace Active Time Battle (FF4-9) and Charge Turn Battle (Xenosaga, Atelier Iris 2-3) in the near future, since their tick based systems cause problems with the engine.
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    Games You Love That Everyone Else Hates

    When i first played Time&Eternity, i was delighted. An over the shoulder JRPG? With an semi-original battle system, and beautiful drawn characters?! Then when i saw the Metacritic score of Time&Eternity, i was shocked. Lower then Unlimited Saga, one of the worst JRPGs of all time? The heck!
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    Copyright insurance and German RPGMaker devs?

    @Plueschkatze I didn't know about And i just need to talk about this with the finance office, or how does that work?
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    Copyright insurance and German RPGMaker devs?

    @PandaMaru Thanks, i will keep that in mind.
  8. Valryia

    Copyright insurance and German RPGMaker devs?

    @PandaMaru You really calmed down my paranoia there, thanks.
  9. Valryia

    Copyright insurance and German RPGMaker devs?

    @PandaMaru @Andar I have this situation in my head: - I make a graphic (for example). - someone else steals that graphic, uses it in their game - when my game comes out, they say that i stole their assets Is that paranoid? Probably. I want to be sure, though. @Andar There is nothing else i need...
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    Copyright insurance and German RPGMaker devs?

    Greetings, everyone. After unsuccessfully trying to inform myself about my problem, i wanted to try on these forums. Sorry if these questions were asked already, i couldn't find anything. First, is there a way to test my game - by another party - to prove that my game doesn't infringe any...
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    Video Game Music literature, etc.

    @KayZamanSadly, i can't compare it to your programm since i don't own it. Everything is so expensive... @HexMozart88 Is this some kind of translation mixup? When i wrote "Literature" i mean "books to learn about making videogame music".
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    Video Game Music literature, etc.

    @HexMozart88 I clarified the opening for you.
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    Video Game Music literature, etc.

    Greetings, everyone. It is important to make good video game music, but my expertise is... subpar. That's why want to ask about recommended video game music literature / videos / similar (to make music). EDIT: Literature means "Books about making video gamemusic". I use fruity loops...
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    Opinion on Plagiarism

    Great, such a thread already exists. I'm a worrywat and need some insight on the subject. If i make anything, may it be a graphic or music, and it turns out that someone else made something that has varying degrees of similarity to my own work and accuses me of plagiarism, what do i do? I...
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    Difficulty Settings, practical solution

    @Alexander Amnell Balancing the game more then once is a daunting task - which is why i opt to not change the base change upon difficulty change, but instead giving my enemies a new attack / defense - it is simpler, while increasing the strategic implications much more. You see, my goal is to...

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