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  1. LTN Games | Free & Premium Plugins | In Dev: Illuminate (Lighting System)

    Anyone know how to add the windowskin opacity from the Timeline Plugin to 0 ? i tried: Window_Base.prototype.updateBackOpacity = function() { this.backOpacity = 0; }; It works, but i see the white Border from the default Window Skin =/
  2. LTN Games | Free & Premium Plugins | In Dev: Illuminate (Lighting System)

    Hey LTN Games, first off, you have very nice Plugins there :D I have a Question about the Time System Plugin. Is it possible, to add an option, to hide the Window Skin ? Because, i dont like the Window Skin.., i just want to add a Picture Hud, behind your Plugin ^^. And maybe you can add a...
  3. Player-Profile Plugin

  4. Player-Profile Plugin

  5. Player-Profile Plugin

    @Tsukihime: The Second Map isn't created. The Screenshot was just ah fast example of how it looks for me ^^ By clearing some Points, the plugin dont need a party member switch system. This Plugin just need to show something like a form of Account. Only to Show Actor 1 (i use them...
  6. Player-Profile Plugin

    @Tsukihime: Yeah, because i can easily change the style or layouts for this. That's the only Reason, why i use maps instead of a Window Scene based layout. My Javascript knowledge is at zero..
  7. Player-Profile Plugin

    @Tsukihime: Yes i can: First MAP without clicking on the Avatar. Second MAP with clicked Avatar: The Screens are only for Show, because the Colors doesn't Match right ^^' Is it possible to do something with js ?
  8. Player-Profile Plugin

    @Tsukihime: Hello Tsuki. I look something like on my sample Picture. I guess i have all features for it at the top. Would be nice :)
  9. Player-Profile Plugin

  10. Player-Profile Plugin

    2nd Bump
  11. Player-Profile Plugin

  12. Player-Profile Plugin

    Hello Community. Is it possible to do ah Profile Plugin ? Like in Moba Games (Leauge of Legends, Heroes of the Storm) ? Basically to use it for Actor 1. Which means, if you teleport on the Map, the Profile Actor isn't in the Menu and don't be a playable Character in Battles. It...
  13. Ultimate Stat Distribution Script Updated 1.2

    @Frozen_Phoenix: Hey ^^ Sorry for the long reply. It works now. Maybe it was ah problem with the changed screen width. It's working Perfect now. Thank you for this amazing Plugin !
  14. Image/Picture Positioning Utility

    Omg.. you are a God !! :O Thank you for this lifesaver..!! I can rest in piece now :rock-left:
  15. Silvers Advanced Minimap (now with Fog of War!)

    Thanks for your time to reply. It's Okay for offline Games. Just wanted to know whats the error can be. I also make ah offline Game, so it's no problem for me. Still Thanks for this amazing Plugin you do it ! And sorry for my bad Englisch =/

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