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  • Why I can't seem to find someone to help me?
    nio kasgami
    nio kasgami
    I do it go see the topic
    You need patience. Not everyone online here is actually "online". I actually leave the window open all day every day, whether I'm here or not. Also, someone needs to find your topic interesting enough to open it and try to help you. It's a waiting game.
    wow, you waited a whole hour before complaining? Talk about self control! You could use that time to read the forum rules & rules for status feeds (ie - don't post on the status feed to get people to read your threads)
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Zombie status is now complete. I didn't have to do much in the way of changing how healing is applied to undead targets, was just a simple 3 line code. I thought I had to overhaul Game_Action lol. Everything else was doable by events. So.. Zombie: You turn undead. Your element changes to darkness. You're weak to light, you're strong to physical attacks and healing hurts you and revival items will kill you.
My Overworld might be a mix of inspiration from 2D Final Fantasy games, Breath of Fire, Battlechasers: Nightwar, Super Mario World, and Pillars of Eternity. If I can make it more in-depth than just walking from point A to point B, that might do a lot for the gameplay experience. Hmm...
Terribly depressed. Worst birthday I've had in years, no motivation to work on anything. Still no income. At least I've got my computer running again.
Doing RPG Maker News for 19th September 2021

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