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  1. Steps count with condition?

    -Do you have more details or source example to give me to undestand this way. I can make event, that start counting step but, that happend only in event & when some or x condition was reach but, beacause steps was already happend in start, i can't make game count those because, event not was jet...
  2. Steps count with condition?

    Yush, i like to ask how i can make even, that count "steps" & when steps reach some number, then hapend event? I know, then i can add event, like "Control Variables" -> "Other" -> "Steps" -option but, i can't find same or similar option in "Conditional Branch" -menu, that can count or use my...
  3. Reference Error: MakeVideoPlayline not defined

    I fix the problem for somehow for now by just making new project & copy new refference files & updated script files & then copy source files into project & copy source setup in project in new one. That was pretty complicated but, i fix this anyway for now. YEP_CoreEngine try to just somehow...
  4. Reference Error: MakeVideoPlayline not defined

    It works meaby if downgrading but, i don't want to do so because, RPG Maker MV just get new patch/update that have example new GENE tool what i don't have jet. I just like to upgrade my project mostly because i want to make this project compatible with new update. I din't update RPG Maker MV...
  5. Reference Error: MakeVideoPlayline not defined

    Yush, i get just after new RPG Maker MV update this error: Reference Error: MakeVideoPlayline not defined I hear you can fix this problem by downgrade MV base script system or someting but, i don't want to downgrade my project or MV files, i just want to otherwise updgrade this project so...
  6. 3x Resource hud in the top right corner

    -Thanks alot, i guess that is the think what im looking for. :3
  7. 3x Resource hud in the top right corner

    Yush, i like to ask if this is possible. It's there possible show 3x diffrence resources in the top screen in game mode. Meaby x items what was in player invetory. I like to see or get visible someting like this: X money, X Wood, X Stones. What can see in gameplay in gameplay screen without...
  8. Set game draw image for default in battle (Script)

    Not because it would disrupt me but, i still like to have thease plugin if there is any or better solution. For now i was added manually in battle scene "Show Picture" -element/command but, ofcourse that was added manually but, i don't need to use that if battle load that automaticly if there...
  9. Set game draw image for default in battle (Script)

    Well, yeah. I just acutally want to display a picture everytime when thease battle start & thease plugin was for sure helpfull if there is any. -Well, thanks for this too but, acutally that not was the think what i want to do. I have already own picture made & that not battleback picture...
  10. Set game draw image for default in battle (Script)

    -I know how to do it or use both of thease way but, that not was acutally think or way what think i like to use. Thease both have still same problem. You need to manually add them into battle scene. I just want to load separate image into battle scene automaticly everytime when battle scene load...
  11. Set game draw image for default in battle (Script)

    Well, simply question & answer is just: I want to draw by the image on the screen each time when the battle starts by default.
  12. Set game draw image for default in battle (Script)

    Welcome, I was not sure how to tell you this better, or how I want to tell you this but, I would like the game to automatically default to do something whenever there is fighting. I have been a problem exists in this matter, which I have tried to solve...
  13. Set default hit-ration to 100%?

    -Ok, thanks if you think then thease fix the hit-ration problem. :3
  14. Set default hit-ration to 100%?

    -What features box if not use "Skill" -database system?
  15. Set default hit-ration to 100%?

    Yush, tittle say all, i want to set thease game based default attack hit ration to allways hit when attack -> 100%. How to set thease or where i can edit that default hit-ration into script? Sometimes when enemy/player attack, thease can miss their attack but, this project i need to hit allways.

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