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  • This is not something I'd ever even considered but wow! What a way to use music in a game.
    NFS 2 used the same procedure: one long track with it's ups and downs, that could be cut and spliced at any point, dynamically.
    depending on where you were on the track and in which position, it'd change the beat.
    I haven't watched the whole vid yet, but I wanna add something ZUN and Toby Fox said regarding music in final bosses: "You have to make the best songs for the hardest bosses, makes the player have fun no matter how many times they die."
    Got sick and had to take a few days off work in order to get tested and make sure it wasn't the big one. Felt a lot better today and thought to myself, "Hey now, I can't get tested until tomorrow anyway, I can get so much character art done today!"
    ....I watched Youtube and browsed this site for hours instead.
    But at least I'm doing the art now! Yaaaaay.......
    Custom made Wasteland/Apocalypse Tileset coming along nicely. Battle system shaping up, refinement and balancing needed but coming along nicely. Character Art is...started. >.>
    Hahaha....well nothing to it but to just suck it up and do it.
    Start reading a new webcomic. Catch up in a few hours. Newest chapter was today.
    Which webcomic if you don't mind me asking?
    Or worse: When you catch up on a new webcomic that's just absolutely your jam, amazing in every way, and at the end you realize the last update was... three years ago.
    @Iron_Brew I said webcomic, I meant Manhua...or Manwha? It was very late, haha. Either way it was The Great Mage returns after 4000 years.
    Paint Dot Net's Gridmaker function where have you been all my life?
    Oh this is so much easier to line stuff up than guesswork!
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    Oh I don't doubt it, haha. I'd be willing to bet there's a reason most businesses that use image programs use Photoshop.
    I do like Paint.Net though because what it does is what I need. And what it does, it does well.
    To be fair yeah, photoshop is the most robust and incredible tool - but shy of that, I'll always love paint.NET!
    @Iron_Brew I appreciate differing opinions! I could never truly figure out PDN, but it did have some cool fractal effects I tested out for fun. I don't know if it still does, though. And considering the way I like to work and what I found works for me, Photoshop is perfect. I use it for other things too, like creating assets for animation.
    I've discovered the love of editing the RTP Tilesets.
    Oh god. There goes my entire Friday, haha.
    Alright, does anyone know if there's a Tileset for RMMV that's apocalyptic? Free or paid.

    I'm looking for wastelands, dead trees/tiles, broken bridges, blown up towns, and ruins. A sparse amount of vegitation. The RTP Overworld map has some of that but I was hoping for a tileset more...focused on that theme and my google fu has been weak thus far.
    Steam. Steam what are you doing with this discount?
    This has got to be some weirdness because of another sale going on right now...right?


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    I mean, it is Thanksgiving in the States, so that might be why.
    That's an awesome price for MV! Only a few DLC items on sale though.
    Yeah if I didn't already own MV I've be salivating at that price.
    Dlc though...that's not a bad idea. Payday is tomorrow...haha. Gotta see if I can't find any Post Apoc tilesets. Maybe one's on sale.
    Since I'm using Galv's Message Busts I only need the main face image to look like an actual image, so rather than waste time putting cropped images for each character's 7 other emotion images I've decided to make little shortcut faces so I can tell at a glance what they are since I can't always read the poorly written text I wrote, haha.

    Felt like showing it off. >.>


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    Oh my god configuring a farming system is going to make my eyes many numbers to change....*shudder*
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so, for like the entire duration of me working on my game, I've wanted to see how possible it is to make SOME kind of turn based team fighting game and if I can pull off what's in my notes, I think I'll be satisfied.
Getting somewhat tired of drawing these castles now :LZSlol:
"ight time to finna boot up the DQ11 demo i downloaded--"

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