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  • I completely forgot which forum had the personal blogs for members. :LZSlol: It was probably a forum for the Ace program. I was going to see about posting a blog post, but I'm too tired, and if its associated with Ace, then its a moot point. :LZSlol:
    We used to have blogs here, but they were lost like 2 - 3 forum updates ago, around the time MV came out IIRC.
    It was tied to Member+, which doesn't exist anymore.
    Velvela Jade
    Velvela Jade
    I lost content then. Oh well. I couldn't keep a computer going anyway in those days. And now, Win10 is so crappy that I still can't seem to keep a computer working.
    Thanks everyone!
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making my first game is like trying to stuff all my experience with old games into one
so its slow and painful when i dont get it right... i bet the next game is gonna be finished earlier!
When you don't find any time to work... :kaocry:
First Ten Minutes of my Caretaker inspired game

Finally, I got a good Gmail message [from smg5urded]
"This game does look a bit plain, but, I'm sure this does not destroy the experience as a whole. Monsters fit your style of game-play, mapping looks crude but I'm sure you can make it better if you do a remake of Forgotten Eclipse"
Going to start a new project today. OMG, it will be on RPGMaker MV. :D

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