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  • I completely forgot which forum had the personal blogs for members. :LZSlol: It was probably a forum for the Ace program. I was going to see about posting a blog post, but I'm too tired, and if its associated with Ace, then its a moot point. :LZSlol:
    We used to have blogs here, but they were lost like 2 - 3 forum updates ago, around the time MV came out IIRC.
    It was tied to Member+, which doesn't exist anymore.
    Velvela Jade
    Velvela Jade
    I lost content then. Oh well. I couldn't keep a computer going anyway in those days. And now, Win10 is so crappy that I still can't seem to keep a computer working.
    Thanks everyone!
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Turning a specific vibe into reality is incredibly difficult. For instance, this song is one of the ones I listen to when working on my post apocalyptic project, and getting it's "feeling" into the game has been a real challenge.

I don't just wanna regurgitate the numbers I see, I wanna actually understand the calculations I'm making so I'm probably gonna make a post later with some calculations and what I THINK they mean to get some advice and corrections.

Edit: All (Most) of these will be tested in game prior. I just wanna make sure I understand what's going on under the hood if you will.
my girlfriend calls all my little chibi art cute lol... funny considering that wasn't the original art style of the game.
100 problems in RMMZ 100 more problems take one down pass it around 101 Problems in RMMZ
Made some progress on my game, mostly mapping. Learned quite a bit in the process!.


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