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    RMMV Is there a Plugin that lets you have a fast battles like RMMZ

    With the game I'm working on I wanted to have the same fast battles that you can enable MZ, but I don't feel like getting MZ just for that feature. Anyway, I was just wondering if there are any plugins that enable fast battles.

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Back to writing music for Stormrite! This is "Moonlight," a piece of ambient exploration music :)

Honestly, I cannot stop thinking about the whole elves vs anthros argument I had a while ago, because apparently I'm supposed to prefer what are usually elitist superhumans who "care about nature" but never actually do anything for it and live where nature is effectively stealing from nature over colorful, diverse and aesthetically entertaining animal designs because most people don't write well or care about looks.

Made a lot of progress on the tileset for the more sumptuous interior areas for the priory
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