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    Problem with Victor Engine Animated Battle

    Thank you for the help, NeoFantasy. The tutorial I watched didn't cover that at all.
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    Problem with Victor Engine Animated Battle

    I have installed Victor Sant's Animated Battlers and Actors Battlers. I followed Passive Lion's tutorial on how to use it so my settings look like this: Frames: 3 Rows: 4 Mirror and Invert: False Mode and action: :charset I imported the Actor1 character set into my Battlers folder and set it...
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    How did you start with RPG Maker?

    I got into RPG Maker by watching Manlybadasshero, a Youtuber who plays a lot of RPG Maker games, especially horror ones. I really wanted to make my own RPG horror game, so I downloaded the free lite version of RPG Maker VX Ace to practice. I instantly fell in love. My first game was a generic...
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    Dumb things you did when you were young

    When I was 8, the house I lived in had really messed up wood floors. You were guaranteed a splinter if you didn't wear shoes on them. So, of course, I ran around in socks. One time I was sliding on the floor and suddenly I felt a horrible pain in my foot. I thought I had impaled my foot on a...
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    DaveyBriteRpg - Musical Creation! (Back in Business!)

    Thank you so much, Davey! The track is great and fits the scene perfectly. It's so amazing how you made this.
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    DaveyBriteRpg - Musical Creation! (Back in Business!)

    I love your music, Davey! It's awesome what you're doing on this forum for the community. I would like to request a battle theme for my non-commercial game. Genre: Orchestral with drumbeats Feelings: Dark, dramatic, foreboding with the slightest hint of hope Scene: A band of friends who have...
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    [Ace] Matching sprite

    I would prefer to receive it in this topic. :)
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    [Ace] Matching sprite

    Thank you starlight dream! It looks great so far. I would prefer the sleeves to be tight on her arms. As for the boots, they are black and medium height; her pants are tucked into them. I did not make the facesets myself; the artist is named Reese Carter, I believe. She and another artist named...
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    [Ace] Motorboat sprite

    Does anyone know where I can find a sprite for a motorboat like this one? (preferably one that matches the VX Ace style)
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    RMMV Black Crystals - A Hand Drawn RPG [DEMO AVAILABLE!]

    I love the art style! I also like that you can interact with your environment to get out of battles; that's a cool little mechanic. I can tell a lot of love and work went into this, I look forward to seeing more!
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    [Ace] Matching sprite

    I need a sprite to match this faceset: Faces Art It should match the VX Ace art style. She is wearing a long-sleeved black shirt, red sleeveless quilted vest, blue jeans and boots.
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    Do you finish a game before starting a new one?

    I try to finish games before starting new ones, but if I find myself losing interest in my current project I'll take a break to work on a fun little side project. Sometimes when I'm working on my side project, I end up coming up with fresh new ideas for my main project.
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    Underwater effect without scripting

    I managed to figure it out! I was putting the fog graphic in Pictures, when I had to create a new folder named Fogs in the game's Graphics folder and put the fog graphic there. It is now displaying fine. I also used Craydragon's light beam and waterfog for extra effect.
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    Underwater effect without scripting

    I decided to try out Shaz's script but for some reason it's unable to find the graphic file I used as the fog. My script call is this: show_fog(1, "water_reflect", 0, 175, 0, 220, -2, 1) When I start up the game I get a message saying "Unable to find file: Graphics/Fogs/water_reflect"
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    Underwater effect without scripting

    Is there a way to show an underwater effect in a level that doesn't require scripting? I don't feel comfortable using scripts that require you to edit them, as I have no scripting experience.

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