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  • You ever have that one boss/enemy/class idea that sounds so funny or stupid that you simply have to do it? That's me right now.
    I swear I sometimes feel sorry for whatever situation I put characters into. .v."
    Robert-Character Creator
    Robert-Character Creator
    I know I'm late to the party here, but I drew up some death animations for if the main character in my game gets killed, and it actually made me feel really awful for a while lol. Empathy can be funny sometimes.
    I killed my main characters family, best friend, made his first friend leave him. Or, I havent done it yet since I havent started creating my story but I have planned some parts of it. In the sequel I plan to make his best friend be alive somehow and they reunion...then it turns out theyre enemies and they have to fight. Idk how this will end, but I hope this will end good for both of them.
    @Robert-Character Creator I felt similarly when one of main characters died in one the ending. (I won't spoil what what led to their demise)
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Just a little close up shot...
finally drew the last member of "team outcast" for my game. since my game has a lot fighting game elements in it, there's bosses in teams of three like King of Fighters.
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Let's continue making our game in MZ! Touchfuzzy is... still eventing... though this time we may be working on eventing some tutorial stuff for our players!

I work late on the game so I sleep in then I wake up late so I have to work hard to make up for sleeping in meaning I work late again and sleep in again... what a nasty cycle.

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