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  • You ever have that one boss/enemy/class idea that sounds so funny or stupid that you simply have to do it? That's me right now.
    I swear I sometimes feel sorry for whatever situation I put characters into. .v."
    Robert-Character Creator
    Robert-Character Creator
    I know I'm late to the party here, but I drew up some death animations for if the main character in my game gets killed, and it actually made me feel really awful for a while lol. Empathy can be funny sometimes.
    I killed my main characters family, best friend, made his first friend leave him. Or, I havent done it yet since I havent started creating my story but I have planned some parts of it. In the sequel I plan to make his best friend be alive somehow and they reunion...then it turns out theyre enemies and they have to fight. Idk how this will end, but I hope this will end good for both of them.
    @Robert-Character Creator I felt similarly when one of main characters died in one the ending. (I won't spoil what what led to their demise)
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Pretty much stopped posting in the progress thread cuz it feels like talking to the void, lol, so I've just been posting on IG instead. But someone finally liked my post there, lol. Dunno if I'll continue tho. Probably not xD

My game's progressing quite well. Just kinda stuck on mapping right now. Decided to go the side, slightly top down view route. I'm drawing everything from scratch for a personal touch uwu
Stomach isn't feeling too good last time. Perhaps something I ate
Phew! logged back. Seems I was too occupied with 3D learning (yeah for RPGM purposes) creating IRL space, trying to grow catnip, dealing with health and DC is good. (so MrC) ^^
Tyler.stewart wrote on Cherry's profile.
I was wondering if you've heard anything about the patch that allows you to show text anywhere on the screen utilizing pictures being upgraded to work with the official 2k3 release? Your work with 2k3 is awesome dude, keep it alive. I'm 33 and am still playing with 2k3 largely thanks to your work with the game engine. I appreciate the official patch updates you post. Please continue posting
Currently trying to add items in the same style as Kyrise's excellent icons. I like having a large variety of items :3 KyriseandMe.PNG

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