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    Port of "Multiple Message Windows" RGSS1 system

    bump after 2 years, i hope this can get a MV port one day...
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    So there's my issues with RM...

    Thanks mate, i concede the post could have sounded harsh for some guys (i'm not good in English), but i dont understand why so much hate (like the guy who said "PART OF RESSEARCH IS READING EULA". Someone who has read ALL THE TOS of all games and software purchased, throw the first stone). I...
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    So there's my issues with RM...

    ...after the unfolding of this topic, i began to hesitate to use RPG Maker with my "original" (not fangames from established RPG franchises) projects due to copyright (and artistic freedom) issues. So @Andar suggested me to create this topic to discuss better and keep the original one in the...
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    Use a gameplay video from RPG Maker MV in another engine is ok?

    Really? I'm not a scripter, so not a long ago i suggest in the JS request thread if someone have interest in making a fighting system (similar to Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat or MUGEN) to MV. Instead of just saying "oh, this is too complex to be made for free" or simply not commenting on the...
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    Use a gameplay video from RPG Maker MV in another engine is ok?

    But why "preserve" the editor in the task of making animations with it? I thought it would be far better to Degica to allow us to make animations and other innovations in RM too rather to make such Microsoftian-like moves to restrict our freedom (thats why RM-made games are low rated on...
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    Use a gameplay video from RPG Maker MV in another engine is ok?

    I wonder what "buy" means to RM developers. What's the point to buy the program and cant make anything outside the "mainstream" uses?
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    Use a gameplay video from RPG Maker MV in another engine is ok?

    So, i bought the engine and assets and cant use whatever i want? Good to know...
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    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    I think this could be fixed if someone (or @Schlangan himself if he'll want to) could repack the generator parts in the new format (what allows to add new body parts, i think)
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    Jack's Generator Additions

    Any chance for we see a precompiled .rxge pack for @Schlangan 's Extended Generator/Editor?
  10. vico

    Mon's Character Generator Expansion

    Are this .rxge updated? (I mean, it contains the latest parts of @mon 's package??)
  11. vico

    Ice's Generator Parts (09/22/2017-Updated!)

    A question @IceKun : Is the .rxge file for @Schlangan 's editor updated with the latest resources? Thanks in advance!
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    Plugins for Extra Frames in Side-View Battles?

    With all due respect, but this comment was completely unnecessary. I believe he only supposed it to be, but that does not justify it. Also, as @xilefian said: -- Are this plugin compatible with Yanfly's Battle Engine Core???
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    Plugins for Extra Frames in Side-View Battles?

    Just drop this idea on @xilefian 's repository on Github, i hope he will get willing to make this (he already fathered the amazing AltimitMovement plugin)!!
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    Fighting Game-style battle system

    bump, zero money to hire anyone, and zero time to learn JS, so the topic is still here to any soul willing to make...

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