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    VE - Battle Motions

    Is your plugin updated, I got the latest version available for download to test it (since my own version have some changes) and it worked fine. Try redownloading the plugin.
  2. Victor Sant

    VE - Battle Motions

    What part exactly did not happen as you expected?
  3. Victor Sant

    VE - Control Text

    @SoSick. There are different places you should look for: For basic commands (Attack, Item, Guard...), go to the "Terms" tab in the database. For ability commands (Magic, Special...), go to the "Types" tab, under the "Skill Types" section For the Direct Commands plugin, go to the skill name...
  4. Victor Sant

    VE - Battle Motions

    @StrikerVT Well, your action sequence simply don't include any instruction for the second part of the action <action sequence: execute> motion: user, attack wait: user, 5 animation: target, 6 move: user, forward, 5, 200, 0 </action sequence> This is the part of the "execute" action. Let's...
  5. Victor Sant

    VE - Battle Motions

    @StrikerVT Can you post your action sequence so I can check what might be wrong with it?
  6. Victor Sant

    VE - Battle Command Window

    Theorically yes, though it would require a very specific setup and probably other plugins help to acheive the perfect result.
  7. Victor Sant

    Should Final Fantasy go back to fantasy?

    More than come back to "fantasy", it should back to "RPG", nowdays it is basically action games with character progression using experience points (or similar)
  8. Victor Sant

    VE - Damage Popup

    @AdamSakuru There was an issue with the parsing of custom commands, try replacing like 1320 that has this code: VictorEngine.Parameters.DamgePopup['Custom ' + String(i)] = String('Custom ' + String(i)).trim(); with this: VictorEngine.Parameters.DamgePopup['Custom ' + String(i)] =...
  9. Victor Sant

    VE - MP Levels

    @Diretooth it's a mistake on the code of the MP levels. search on the plugin for '\i[' its on the lines 688, 706 and 731, replace them with '\\i['
  10. Victor Sant

    VE - Death Counter

    As far I know, there is no way to prevent the counter directly. Maybe you can use the plugin VE-Counter Actions to create a condition for the counter to prevent it. Anyway, I will check both issues.
  11. Victor Sant

    VE - Battler Graphic Setup

    With proper setup the plugin has no restriction on how many frames a motion can have.
  12. Victor Sant

    VE - Custom Vehicles

    I don't know this Guardian Force plugin. Also, I don't have a habit of adding unrelated functions to my plugins it just clutter the code and increase the chances of incopatibilites. For example, checking status and skills on reserve members has little to do with vehicles. You can always use...
  13. Victor Sant

    VE - Custom Vehicles

    @Rishi Raj Jain I belive the best way to acheive this would be with events since it is something with kinda specific conditions. What I can do is adding easy commands to make the player enter/leave the vehicle with simple event calls.
  14. Victor Sant

    VE - Battler Graphic Setup

    So i will have to give a deeper look on it, in short the issue is that, if a party member is dead, you can't remove them? You do it with events? If so, the event that removes them have only the remove party member command?
  15. Victor Sant

    VE - Battler Graphic Setup

    @SiiOs does this happens without the battle engine core?

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