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    How do I change my username?

    @Archeia Hi, I'd like my username to be changed to Victor Sena
  2. Victor Sena

    Golden Week Sale + New Releases: TOKIWA GRAPHICS Classic Monster Pack No.1&2!

    When buying RMXP and RM2003, is there any additional content as an official guide? To collect.
  3. Victor Sena

    Market Research (Personal)

    Thank you all. Annotated data. õ/ @Kes Sorry, I thought it was there, because I would post a second research with samples.
  4. Victor Sena

    Market Research (Personal)

    Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, dear consumers of RPG content. I would like to do a personal research, to update myself and inform how the market is related to graphics. Q.1: What engine do you currently develop your project? Q.2: In this engine do you use 2D or 3D graphics? Q.3...
  5. Victor Sena

    List of "Missing" Resources

    I liked both the fencing girl (Actor 3-2). But does it in SV. It has a lot missing material. ;-;
  6. Victor Sena

    Vash Maker

     No problem. Thank you for the warning.  Edit, Sharm. o/
  7. Victor Sena

    Vash Maker

    @Yangfly  Thanks for the compliment, bro. O/  Yes, only you practice a lot.  :) @Chiakster I'm happy to help, my introduction is improvised, do not speak english. :s I do both sprites. Example in topic: Kratos (God of War), characters of Hellsing and Chest RMBN (name for a "ReStaff" of...
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    :v Characters: Harold, Tereze(?), Mashya and Lucius(Lucia?). By Google H T M L ? ? ? ? LOVE? :3
  9. Victor Sena

    Vash Maker

    @JaredDufor I also love Trigun, who knows in the future do other characters. Topic all redesigned, terms of use (free all here) too, i hope edit all old resources... *Rm2000 complete * + 2 Rm2003 * 2 my first edition in 2010.
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    Guest Contributors

    I have some doubts.    I can make a sprite in a different style of RTP?  When can I disclose my material that is in the package? One month after publication? A week?
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    Vash Maker

    Updates! Character L in style VXP: Convert Kaduki to RTP RPG Maker's Cover Update:  ->   ->  It's me! Vash... Othor chars from Shop
  12. Victor Sena

    Nanokan VX/Ace Stuff

     Perfect! *0*  These tiles will help a lot.
  13. Victor Sena

    ReStaff Birthday Bash and February 2014!

    Error in Mirror Link in Mediafire. :/
  14. Victor Sena

    Template Mack, Running.

     As the topic title shows, I wanted to know if you have any template Mack running.     The template I'm talking about is this:   Could be this:
  15. Victor Sena

    Steampunk Tiles

     These tilesets are great, thank you for having created. I made a map based on them. However, it has 1% RTPAce.  Do you intend to make steampunk characters?

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