Here is a link to my website. It is currently under construction but you are more then welcome to come visit and leave some feed back. Let us know what you think.
For those of you who don't know I have recently become a father of a handsome baby boy. His name is Tyson Action-Jackson Hale.

Isn't he just the cutest.
Here's an updated pic. He'll be 2 months in 3 more days. With his way-to-cool-to-smile-all-the-way personality.
Jun 29, 1983 (Age: 38)
California U.S.A.
First Language
Primarily Uses




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Special Offer
Pack includes 20 Modern and Over 90 Fantasy Mack Style Sprites.
Everything from Elves and Borgs to Scientists and Hippies!
Valiant Sprite Pack Price: $20
PM me for more details!

General Pricing​

32 x 32, 4 Directional Sprite = $7 USD each / $50 USD per sheet
64 x 32, 4 Directional Sprite = $10 USD each / $60 USD per sheet
64 x 32, Custom Poses = $10 USD per pose
Windowskins = $7 each

Basic Map Design = $7 USD each
Advanced Map Design = $10+ USD (Depending on complexity)

Basic Custom Menu Script = $40 - $100 USD
More Advanced Menu Script = $120 - $300 USD (Animated, ext.)
Mini-games = $40 - $300 USD (Depending on complexity)
Others Scripts = $20+ USD (Depending on complexity)

Addition Information
If you want to use your resources in multiple titles there is an additional charge of half the cost of the resource. (Prices vary depending on packages)
Also if you wish to edit or receive the full resource(PSD versions of Maps, Sprites, Tiles, Icons, ect.) there is a $50 flat rate per a commission.
If I feel at anytime that a commission has hit a dead end due to too many conflicts or feeling mistreated\disrespected,
I can walk away at anytime and I will not refund deposit in most circumstances. The purpose of the deposit is to ensure I DO NOT WORK FOR FREE.​


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I added reflections and shadows. Though one of the party seems to have no reflection, is floating, with glowing eyes. I'm sure it's fine.
Well. *That* was an entertaining fustercluck — and that’s not meant nearly as sarcastically as it sounds. I just had to make four different versions of the same conversation:
1: Attained MacGuffin.
2: Have not attained MacGuffin, but know its location.
3: Do not know MacGuffin’s location, but have a good idea where to find it.
4: Do not know where to look for MacGuffin.
Yep, feels good to be back. ^.^
I'm soooooooooo tired TT___TT why can't there be a plugin to let me sleep + work simultaneously ... !!
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I don't know if my game dev skills are improving... But my waifu making ones sure are. :LZSwink:

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