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    RMMV Pineport

    Thank you! Glad it peaked your interest :LZSyum: I'll be releasing a demo, but i can't say with certainty when. My best guess; It will be a pre-alpha sometime this spring/beginning of summer. I'll update about any eventual date :LZSproud:
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    RMMV Pineport

    Thank you! As I'm making a horror game it would come as no surprise that I take that as a huge compliment :LZSwink: The teaser shows a lot of the more frantic elements of the game, but in between there will be a lot of psychological scares and a good amount of unsettling mood. Thanks for the...
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    RMMV Pineport

    UPDATE: 9th April 2018 Finally gotten around to make a small teaser for what the game looks like! I've added it to the topic for easier access. Still working on the upcoming chapters, and i maaay make a demo of the first chapter in the near future as well! DISCLAIMER: Teaser contains...
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    That's nice! I've always had other peoples pets around me during easter, so it's sweet to...

    That's nice! I've always had other peoples pets around me during easter, so it's sweet to finally have one of my own to celebrate with :D
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    Added a link to the original post ^^

    Added a link to the original post ^^
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    Easter holiday combined with game making and housewarming new puppy [IMG]

    Easter holiday combined with game making and housewarming new puppy
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    RMMV Pineport

    UPDATE: 29th February 2018 Just finished a polished and playable version through Chapter 1. I know a lot of people do the aesthetics last for a game, but I like to work on it as I go to get a better vision of the finished products.
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    RMMV Pineport

    Thanks for the feedback! I am actually hoping to upload a pre-alpha demo sometime this spring. But it's a little soon to set a date yet. I'll update the topic when I get so far :LZScheeze:
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    RMMV Pineport

    Sure thing, I'll replace them with some others as I got plenty of screenshots. Thanks for letting me know! :LZSproud: When I wrote the Character I just picked the first name that came to me, but the James Sunderland / Walter Sullivan-combination just became something i embraced. I love the...
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    RMXP Scarlet Star | Third Person Horror Game

    This looks really interesting! I'm definitely following this thread. Love the gritty feel of the artwork and the overall design. I absolutely get why you're referring to Argento. The score in the teaser sets a good sombre tone for the game, and I'm really impressed that you're doing an RPG maker...
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    RMMV Pineport

    DISCLAIMER: This game contain images of violence / gore and handles topics like psychological disorders, abuse, suicide and religion. (Only the protagonists)
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    Well, ain't that the truth! I'm guessing It'll get easier as I keep making it :LZScheeze: And off course I'll ask around for help, I will probably need it :LZSwink: I'll keep you guys posted on what i make, and i'll probably get around to see what you're making as well! Looking forward to it...
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    Hey everybody! Started using RPG Maker back in the 2003-era. Made a couple of lousy RPG games and had a long break from gamemaking until 2017 when I started using MV. Been working on a horror game since october. As I discovered that I bit off more than I could chew with my game I also had to...

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