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    Great job for making it! It's an achievement on its own!
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    Its only a WIP of you actually work on it tho... :P
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    Oh yeah, and then the WIP projects just pile up and up... It's the worst!
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    Im always motivated....I just happen to start new projects on a weekly basis xD
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    I can't believe I actually managed to stay motivated for the whole Game Jam duration (1 month!), definitely will be taking a break after...
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    A Swim to the Sky SYNOPSIS It had always been Lunaus' dream as a merfolk to see the world above The Barrier. The stories about the...
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I have a really hard time keeping all these goodies secret til December... but I swear, it is worth the wait!
Working on a Premium version of my minimap plugin that will have advanced functionalities such as drawing a Terrain map based completely on the users tilesets, whatever they may be, and drawing minimap radar icons automatically based on texture of the event the note is applied to.
Psttt come look, this is the secret technique to tenderizing steaks, it makes it extra beefy. :rwink:

#screenshotsaturday update, featuring vaporwave angels lol

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